Stand out in the crowd with these bone-chilling costumes!

Milstein Green Chair

A classic choice!

PresBei: Dartmouth Edition

This costume looks so realistic, the only thing that would complete it is randomly deciding to leave campus for a livelier and more scenic Halloween party. Maybe…New Hampshire?

Lantern Fly

You might want to be careful with this one—it’s a bit risky. You probably won’t last that long outside before a swarm of Barnard girls stampede and stomp you out.

Tooth Statue

The people that hand out toothbrushes to trick-or-treaters won’t know what’s coming their way!

Matilda the Harlem Goat

(Yes, I realize this looks like a fursuit, but that just gives it charm!)


They get bigger and bigger each year.

Group Costume: Diana Smoothies

My roommate/fellow Bwogger refused to dress up with me so I had no other option but to clone myself in a lab. You do what you have to do for friendship…

Roaree the Lion with the Columbia Marching band. Cornell vs Columbia football at Wien Stadium, November 17, 2018

Turns out all you have to do for this costume is to just put on the Roar-ee/Millie suit—they already look like Times Square knockoffs of themselves. The regular Roar-ee and Millie are locked up in a dark closet somewhere in Dodge after losing to the brute strength and creepiness of Times Square Knockoff Roar-ee and Millie.

Zombified Weecha

Yes, the only way to walk in this costume is to hop (aka awkwardly launch your entire body weight forward and fall). If I can do it, you can too!

“Bwog Staff”

I mean, if you really wanted to wear an embarrassing costume…What a loser…

Lion via Wikimedia Commons, Pumpkin via Bwog Archives, Costumes via Bwog Staffer