For olive-rosemary-cheese-toast fanatics.

Welcome back to “The Worst Cook in Bwog,” with The Best Salmon In An Air Fryer as the first installation. We’re here with another incredibly easy recipe for you to cook in under ten minutes. I am not a chef, nor would I even call this cooking. But you do use a stove, so it technically counts. This is literally just a combination of my favorite two ingredients: olive and rosemary bread, and the Trader Joe’s feta with herbs. It is technically grilled cheese, but it is also the furthest thing from grilled cheese. Anyway, for those of us who rely upon others to feed us (aka I am running out of meal swipes), this is for you.

Ingredients (yes that’s it):

  • Trader Joe’s Feta with Mediterranean Herbs (god tier)
  • Olive and rosemary bread from Meredith’s Bread at the Columbia Farmer’s Market
  • Olive oil
  • Salt (if you want)
  • Butter (if you want)


  • Heat olive oil over the stove with a pan big enough to fit two or three long pieces of bread. Don’t add enough olive oil to coat the pan, but enough to keep the bread moist.
  • Butter bread if you want it to be moist, but don’t if you want it crispy.
  • Toast the bread, however many pieces will fit in your pan.
  • Flip toast.
  • Once toast is crispy, add as much feta as you desire to one piece of toast. I generally add enough to cover the toast plus a small pile on top, but I’m so obsessed with it it does not matter. Just try not to have it spill into the pan.
  • Once you have heated the cheese a little bit (I dare not say melted) flip the toast with no cheese on top of the toast with cheese.
    • This is a “grilled cheese” because personally, I think the texture of the feta adds to the overall vibes of the sandwich, contrary to the general melt-the-cheese standard of grilled cheese.
  • Add salt to the bread (if you want).

And that’s it! An incredibly easy and quick snack that’s very fulfilling. Shoutout to my suitemate for getting me hooked on the olive and rosemary bread.

That’s all for “The Worst Cook in Bwog”! Comment below if you have any other easy recipes for me to try (I am struggling).

I Forgot To Take A Photo Of The Sandwich via Bwarchives