Campus was not bleak this past week and I need to know why.

Week one of classes is week one of classes. And this semester, week one of class was INDEED week one of classes. And boy oh boy what a week it was. You know? You know.

But this semester? I had a realization and reveled in it. As I do: There are SO MANY of you!!! Since WHEN? Since when. Barnard’s campus especially, is not all that large, and neither is the school population.

But Oy Vey. OOOOOh my good god. I felt like a salmon. Like a salmon swimming upstream. Passing period at Barnard’s campus is usually giving, but last week? I might as well have been smack dab in the middle of a Miley Cyrus world tour or something. It was packed. I’m talking shoulder to shoulder.

Nonetheless, I know for a fact that in a week’s time, passing period will become as bleak as Schermerhorn Extension on a Monday night.

Anyway. I have three theories as to where the hell you all vanish to:

Underground Illuminati Club Member: The NPCs that you see early on in the semester have got to be a part of the this. There will be no further explanation.

Home: You guys just go home. Gotta milk everything outta ResLife, I understand.

I’m just crazy: I’m just slowly declining, mentally, and passing period actually hasn’t changed at all. I am a mere figment of my imagination, and it’s about damn time I accept that.

Thank you and goodnight.


Header via Pixabay