Since I am still single after using their app, I have decided to write a poem.

Oh Datamatch how doth Match?

I got paired with many matches yet none has matched with me,

I do not judge their personality or cry over them ignoring me.

But I do ponder why they are torturing me?

Your pink website has wasted my time,

Hoping for a week that I will meet the perfect guy,

My question for you is simple:

Where is that guy? Has anyone seen him?

I have spent my Galentines crying over a bucket of ice,

Because I worked during Valentine’s day.

When my Uber finally came with food to make up for your mistakes,

I shouted Yay! Running down the staircase for my chicken and the chocolate parfait.

Oh the horror that I felt when the delivery guy said: “Happy Valentine’s!”

For my trusted Datamatch did not provide me with THAT guy.

Oh Datamatch, sweet love propaganda of mine.

If I am single again next year –

You will be my Valentine.

XoXo, Cheers to crazy times…

Love via Bwog Archives