Welcome to the Lime Lips Renaissance.

If you were anywhere near Instagram.com circa 2016, you’ve probably seen lime lips. Makeup artists across the globe showcased their cosmetic abilities by creating a bright, oftentimes glossy lipstick look, and then posing their model to be biting a matching fruit. From limes to strawberries, kiwis to grapes, if it could be classified as a fruit, someone in 2016 was biting it through a pound of lipstick.

For reasons unknown, I have developed a sort of obsession with the lime lips phenomenon over the past few months. There is just something so captivating about them, something so nostalgic! Today, my dear Bwog, the Lime Lips Renaissance is born, and I take great pride in being its bearer. Enjoy this compilation of Barnumbia-themed lime lips that I have toiled over instead of writing any of my final essays.

Lion lips.
Low library lips.
EcoReps water bottle lips.

Roaree via Columbia Lions

Shrimp, steak, sushi, John Jay, sub sandwich via Wikimedia Commons

Low Steps via Columbia Magazine

Lerner via Columbia

Absolute bagel via Bwarchives

EcoReps water bottle, PrezBo, and Chef Don’s pizza via Bwog Staff