Applications to be a Daily Editors, Staff Writers, Illustrators, or Tech Team member by 11:59 pm ET!

Last week, I told you how there are a lot of things that can happen in a week. And that’s true. A lot happened this week. 168 hours passed and each one had another event that changed a trajectory for someone. 

I am coming back to tell you that the trend exists no matter the length of the time frame. Just like a week, a lot can happen in 12 hours; just like a week, half of a day can change your life. In 12 hours you can read an entire book, you can fall in love, you can sleep and dream of a super reality. 12 hours can make a day that you remember forever.

Over these next 12 hours, Bwog wants you to live a little bit: eat good food, drink good beverages, write good sentences. And if you’re feeling up to it, if you’re curious, or if you’re really interested, know that Bwog Applications are due in 12 hours. Perhaps those good sentences you write are in response to our very own application questions. Write as short or as long a response as you want—we just want to see how you think, how you compose, and how you are as a potential staffer.

Applications are open for four positions: Daily Editors, Staff Writers, Illustrators, and Tech Team. You can apply for a specific role as a Bureau Chief. You can apply to as many positions as you want, but please provide your preference in your application. You can find the questions here and descriptions of the positions here.

Applications are due at 11:59 pm ET. Please submit your application as a PDF entitled “[Your Name] Fall 2023 App.” to Please also email any questions to

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