A new and improved Broadway Hall? Read to find out!

Location: 556 West 114th Street and Broadway, behind Butler

  • Nearby dorms: Connected to Hogan; close to Carman, the brownstones on 114th St., and Ruggles. 
  • Stores and restaurants: Anything on Broadway or 114th will be super accessible. In terms of groceries and everyday buys, Morton Williams is right across the street, and Duane Reade is a close two blocks away. For housing items, there is University Housewares. For quick meals, your classic Pret, Dig Inn, Strokos, and NY Basics are all easily accessible. For sit-down food, Community and Tom’s Restaurant are your go-tos.

Cost: 2023-2024 year rates: $11,574/year.


  • Note: Over the 2023 Summer break period, Broadway Hall received a full building makeover! (* indicates new additions)
  • Bathrooms: Includes 27 refreshed communal restrooms and 44 fully redesigned, gender-inclusive restrooms of which 35 are ADA compliant.*
    • Each floor has two communal gendered bathrooms that are cleaned daily Monday-Friday. These are generally kept pretty neat! Except for over the weekend, when they aren’t cleaned, things get a little crazy. Each bathroom has around two toilet stalls and two shower stalls. 
    • Additionally, there are single-use gender-inclusive bathrooms on every floor*.
  • AC/Heating: Both! Wow! Residents can control the fan speed of both the AC and the heater. As per usual with dorm heaters, Broadway’s can get pretty hot pretty quickly, but you can turn it on and off.
  • Kitchen: There’s a small, narrow kitchen on each floor of around 100 square feet, with cabinet and counter space. Each kitchen has a microwave, two ovens, a sink, a dishwasher, and a couple of stovetops.
    • Like most things, how heavily the kitchen is used and how messy it becomes depends on your floor. Usually, the Broadway kitchens, while useful, can get kind of messy. It’s also difficult for more than two people to use the kitchen at once, due to space reasons.
    • Pantries upgraded including all new appliances*.
    • ADA-accessible pantry on 5th floor including appliances*.
  • Lounge: New furniture and carpeting for student lounges plus smart televisions that can be operated by a mobile app*
    • Building lounge on the 14th floor, featuring a study lounge and a reservable lounge with windows of the New York skyline and lots of tables to study from.
    • One floor lounge per floor on floors 3-12, with couches, chairs, a TV, and a nice table situation.
  • Laundry: One (free) laundry room in the basement. 
  • Computers/Printing: there’s a computer lab & printing station available on the third floor.
  • Bike Storage: Bike storage is available on the first floor (shared with Hogan Hall).
  • Gym: There is a gym on the fourth floor with an elliptical, two treadmills, and a bike. It is worth noting, however, that this gym is visible to everyone who walks by, so that’s kinda horrifying. 
  • Elevators: There are three elevators in Broadway. They’re fast. They’re clean. And they’re spacious. Some of Columbia’s best!
    • Note: People living on the lowest floor (floor 3) will likely still take the elevators up because the stair system is weird and disjunct on the second floor.
  • Flooring: Faux hardwood in the floors. Renewed carpet in the lounges and hallways*. Tile in the kitchen.
  • Other: ADA-accessible doors.

Room variety:

  • Wireless key entry system installed*
  • Broadway has 300 singles and 36 doubles.
  • Most doubles are around 163 square feet.
    • Fourteen doubles (340, 402, 456, and rooms ending in -22) are bigger (170-214 square feet). These also have better views of Broadway.
  • Singles:
    • Most singles are between 101-125 square feet, facing either West Broadway, south near downtown, or north towards campus.
    • Singles ending in -07 on floors 6-13 are larger than 134 square feet
  • Doubles:
    • Most doubles are small doubles – room numbers ending in -39 and -40. They’re around 162-165 square feet, near the Broadway side of each floor without great views
    • Fourteen doubles (room 340, room 402, room 456, and numbers ending in -22) are a little nicer. They’re between 70-214 square feet, with better views of Broadway.


Room Selection 2023 data shows that the students who selected into this building were 62% rising juniors, 35% rising seniors, and 3% rising sophomores.

  • 64% of students who selected into this building participated in a group
    • 10% were in mixed-point groups with an average point value of 33
    • 22% were in rising senior groups
    • 65% were in rising junior groups
    • 3% were in rising sophomore groups
  • Single rooms in Broadway are typically selected by rising juniors & seniors.

Bwog recommendation:

  • Broadway has a great location, in that it’s directly across the street from Ferris, Carman, and Butler and has easy access to all the shops and things on Broadway.
  • We can’t get enough of the elevator hype! 
  • Nice, large sky lounges with good views.
  • The social life on Broadway is relatively quiet – the structure of upperclassman singles is generally inhibitive towards any kind of rowdy socialization. However, this can also play to your advantage, especially if you like to study in your room or you’re looking for a relatively clean space.
  • With the social scene, like everything, it depends on your floor.

Resident Opinions:

  • “Broadway Hall is a nice place, quiet, sometimes too quiet, but nice to come back to after a long day of classes”
  • “The communal bathrooms are well…. Communal so that will always be an experience. It gave me flashbacks to John Jay trauma from my freshman year. But that’s usually over the weekends.”
  • “The renovations are very much giving plain modernism… not my thing but at least they look new. I don’t know what is Colummbia’s beef with pretty furniture. 
  • “Underrated! Sleeper pick! Great Views! And so convenient in terms of location!”

Broadway Hall via Bwog Archives