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Freshpeople Housing Reviews 2016: Furnald

Have you already started posting on the Columbia 2020 Facebook group in search of a roommate, not realizing you will both hate each other by the end of first semester and will never talk to each other again outside of “It’s your turn to buy hand soap.” Well, Bwog’s here to help nurture your neurotic tendencies: our […]

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Housing Reviews 2015: Furnald

Tomorrow marks the first day of in-person housing selection. Still undecided on where you’re gonna live? If you’re a recluse sophomore with a number somewhere between 10/1 and 10/600, think about living in Hotel Furnald! Be sure to also check out our other housing reviews. Location: 2960 Broadway Nearby dorms: Carman, Schapiro, John Jay, and the LLC […]

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Freshpeople Housing Reviews 2014: Furnald

To further honor the newly accepted class of 2018, Bwog is rolling out reviews of the freshman dorms on campus considering you kiddos need to pick where you want to live soon. Whether you prefer living in the same building as John Jay, or stay true to your love for Carman because it doesn’t get better, we’re sure […]

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