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If history was written by the victors, then there are plenty of botched psychology experiments that go untold. Psychology is, after all, a soft science, which might explain its tendency to attract English and Comparative Literature dropouts. If anything, someone has to knock some sense into a student body brought up on Plato’s Theory of […]

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As long as schools like Columbia champion the “sink-or-swim” school of language instruction, you will inevitably come into contact with, whether in fulfilling your requirement or just being intellectually curious, the Language Professor Who Does Not Speak English. This professor can exist in any language department. The idea of this professor is that you are […]

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While working as a professor, the Activist is forced out of his/her/non-gender- specific-pronoun’s natural habitat. Best suited for the front lines of some genre of consciousness-raising event, this experienced and opinionated speaker captures the class with what seems at the time to be an extremely relevant argument against society’s unnecessary gendering of bath products. The Activist Professor sits crisscrossed […]

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Grad students spend a lot of time talking about binaries, which, if you think about it, is sort of fitting. Being in grad school is a kind of middle ground, and binaries are everywhere! Think about it: you’re not quite a student, but certainly not a professor; you want to be friendly to undergrads while […]

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The Superstar is often late for class on account of just having flown in from Singapore/Zurich/LA. Nevertheless, s/he breezes in casually. S/he chills with presidents after all, it’s no big deal. While the Superstar may be calm (they have seats that recline to become beds in business class), their brilliant TAs (who actually read what […]

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With pre-Kerouac horn-rimmed glasses and a penchant for using Yiddish terminology in lecture, the Tweedster is both your favorite professor of all time and your grandfather’s Long Beach High Class of ‘48 classmate. You could fit two of your Wien singles into their southern-facing (northern light is for scholars of Africa, Asia, South America) Fayerweather […]

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Bwog got a little misty-eyed when we applauded for our favorite professors yesterday. The end of classes always both feels much too soon and way overdue—in a “shit, I haven’t done anything for this class since the midterm” kind of way. This week, we’ll celebrate the people who teach us things by reducing them to […]

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