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A proposed secret international treaty would greatly heighten penalties for copyright infringement, some threatening civil liberties.  SocketHop, the technology decoder for the literature-minded, takes a look. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced one year ago that the music industry would stop its broad lawsuits against alleged file sharers.  Since about 2003, […]

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Bwog on a Budget returns this week with a guide to making the most of your money and music collection. Downloading music can be confusing, risky, and worst of all, costly, so read this guide and amend your ways! Please let us know if we have left anything off the list! iTunes: The Exemplar Pros: […]

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Bwog received a tip from one unlucky student whose internet was shut down yesterday due to copyright infringement—which can mean anything from sharing or downloading stolen music or movies to illegally copying website content. The unfortunate tipster has not been sued by the RIAA (yet?), but according said tipster, CUIT has reportedly confirmed that one […]

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After the RIAA initiated a series of lawsuits against Columbia students starting in February, students’ rights rose to the forefront of campus debates once again, stirring up controversy about the role of the university and privacy in the digital age. But what happened to those kids? Bwog asked Orlando Rodriguez, C’09, what it’s like when […]

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Columbia University has been named the worst school for movie piracy by the MPAA,  and word has it that the advocacy group is considering legal action against college students (per the Curb Illegal Downloading on College Campuses Act of 2007). You might be advised to delete your pirated file of You, Me, and Dupree before […]

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Have you gotten your letter yet? Spec reported on Friday that 20 Columbia students have recieved missives (PDF here) from the Recording Industry Association of America, which recently sent out over 400 to college students across the nation (Boston University received the most, with 50). They’re not notices, exactly, but rather warnings: settle now, or […]

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Students download music, get passively nasty letters (we would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for that meddling RIAA!) Young SEAS professors get money to change the world, could give MIT “a run for its money!” Spec explores its inner snob, writes a wine review Also, Op-Ed goes all out on the core, […]

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