Breakin' it down, housing-style

Today was the day lottery numbers were supposed to go up. Instead Housing broke your heart a few days early. Not to worry though, today still offers plenty in housing drama!

Barnard Lottery Numbers

They’re out! Log onto Res Life Portal to find out your number/fate.

Breakdown of Lottery Numbers

Check out PDFs with charts of lottery number and UNI distribution. They’re listed by priority and by UNI for you to analyze and realize you’re one group shy of that Hogan suite. Or semi-sketchily look up other people.

Seniors, We’re Looking At You!

Very few groups of six have registered. The abundance of 5-person groups means that sixers with lousy numbers are still likely to get choice suites (Hello Townhouse!). And not to worry, reviews of River and Woodbridge will be coming soon.