Back-to-School Housing Update

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Breakin' it down, housing-style

Today was the day lottery numbers were supposed to go up. Instead Housing broke your heart a few days early. Not to worry though, today still offers plenty in housing drama!

Barnard Lottery Numbers

They’re out! Log onto Res Life Portal to find out your number/fate.

Breakdown of Lottery Numbers

Check out PDFs with charts of lottery number and UNI distribution. They’re listed by priority and by UNI for you to analyze and realize you’re one group shy of that Hogan suite. Or semi-sketchily look up other people.

Seniors, We’re Looking At You!

Very few groups of six have registered. The abundance of 5-person groups means that sixers with lousy numbers are still likely to get choice suites (Hello Townhouse!). And not to worry, reviews of River and Woodbridge will be coming soon.

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  1. Anonymous  

    is the 4 single 8 person in Ruggles the best suite for 8?

  2. Anonymous  

    is it common for students to pay someone to do a room swap to get a better living situation?

  3. So  

    high rise or a townhouse?

  4. Anonymous  

    does the thing about the six persons still getting decent housing apply to everyone or just seniors

    • Anonymous  

      Depends what you're going for, your point value, and your number. If you're a rising Junior, Ruggles and Claremont is very feasible. If you're a rising Sophmore, you might get something if you pray for divine intervention.

  5. Any guesses  

    regarding how long 5-person EC ex-exclusion suites might last? What are the possibilities of an all junior group of 5 getting one?

  6. can you post

    something about the barnard cap? does that even exist? just praying my suite doesn't get shafted more than it already has.

  7. Anonymous  


  8. Anonymous

    Will you post the housing calculator again? That was really helpful last year.

  9. Anonymous  

    HOUSING CALCULATOR PLEASE, don't want to count 21 pages of numbers to see if my shitty lottery number isn't so bad after all

  10. quick question  

    senior with a fairly bad lottery number, mid 2000s, two person. there seem to be lots of two person suites. can we get in on this and figure out if i'll be able to live in watt at all? i don't even care if it's only a 1 BR watt

  11. Anonymous

    what are the chances of 4 rising seniors with 2700 getting an ec suite or a suite in general?

  12. Anonymous  

    HOUSING STATS for all-senior suites (point value 30):
    118 2-person suites
    1 3-person suite
    58 4-person suites
    47 5-person suites
    36 6-person suites
    0 other size suites

  13. Statistics to look at  

    Here are some statistics on number of suites:

    Let me know if you want more detailed info

  14. Poor poor poor  

    Christian Muñoz... #3000 with value 10

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