After the Storm: What’s Open?

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After surviving last night’s storm/Facebook being down, you’re probably ready to venture outside to assess the damage.  While we were lucky in Morningside Heights, some locations remain closed.  Check back for further updates!

Closed: Amir’s, Starbucks, Uni Cafe, Liz’s Place, Crumbs, Havana Central, Brad’s, Cafe 212, Cafe East, Butler Cafe, Camille’s, Community, Mill, Le Monde, Pinkberry, Nussbaum & Wu, Chipotle, Five Guys, 1020, Bistro 1018

“SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Please disregard the “What’s Open Now” sidebar.  John Jay Dining Hall will be the only dining unit open Wednesday, October 31st and Thursday, November 1st from 8am to 8pm, and Friday, November 2nd from 8am to 2pm.  All meal plan and non-meal plan students/staff (pay cash or credit card) are accepted.” – Columbia Dining

Luckily, most places are open!

  • Campo
  • Mel’s
  • The Heights
  • Tap A Keg
  • Abbey (opens at 4)
  • Lion’s Head
  • Cannons
  • Pourhouse
Restaurants and Cafes: 
  • Hungarian Pastry Shop
  • Deluxe
  • Tom’s
  • Koronet’s
  • Roti-Roll
  • Taquiera
  • Thai Market
  • Silver Moon
  • Oren’s
  • Vine
  • Tea Magic
  • Ollie’s


  • Morton Williams
  • Westside Market
  • D’ag Market
  • Absolute
  • Milano Market
  • Crackdel
  • M2M
  • Ricky’s
  • Book Culture
  • Ivy League Stationary
  • University Hardware
  • University Housewares
  • International

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  1. but  

    are classes happening tomorrow? i am sure columbia will be its usual self and open tomorrow but seeing as many professors probably won't be able to get to campus (flooded subways, flooded streets), are we assuming it will be a class-by-class basis or will the university shut down (NYU is shut down for tomorrow)?

  2. +  

    Is Hewitt open to Columbia students?

  3. darts or no darts?

    Wait -- is 1020 open or is it closed?
    This is important... I ran out of cheap beer already

  4. Anonymous  

    ... is Columbia open tomorrow?

  5. Anonymous  

    @+: Not today, unless you're kosher. Hewitt is on an emergency schedule, so even Barnard students can only go during limited hours, and it's based on housing.

  6. Anonymous  

    strokos and artopolis are also closed.

  7. fyi  

    jts, uts, and tc are closed tomorrow.


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