The brothers of ZBT, in March of 2013

The brothers of ZBT, in March of 2013

Zeta Beta Tau has lost its brownstone over what we hear was a party violation. ZBT, the baseball fraternity, was on thin ice after last semester’s still unspecified hazing incident, and would have lost its charter then had KevSho not intervened and reversed the Greek Judicial Board’s recommendation, so long as they adhered to a zero-strike (heh) policy.

And today, an incoming transfer student received a housing assignment  in 627 W 115th St—the former ZBT house. (You will recall that after Operation Ivy League, the former AEPi, Pike, and PsiU houses were used as transfer housing for a year.)

We’re reaching out to the powers that be, and ZBT, for comment. If you know anything, sound the horn at

ZBT brothers via

Update: ZBT’s president told us that he wants to take a few days to think about our questions, but said we should expect to hear from him soon.

Update, 8/13: C’est vrai, mon amis. The party was held on May 4 to celebrate their Ivy League Championship win.  We hear they left some empty kegs out afterward.

Update 2, 8/13: We finally got the same press release Spec did. Here it is. Said release confirms that ZBT did lose the house.

More interesting is that the release cites the ZBT hazing scandal as “a Fall incident which took place at the house that involved and that was initiated by students not affiliated with the fraternity.” That’s consistent with credible rumors that the hazing was carried out by a different sports team.