BwogSex: Action In The Stacks

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so sexy such books
so sexy such books

Massive turn on

BREAKING we just received the following anonymous tip:

Sex in the stacks. Butler. Level 10. Red-headed girl. Moaning (in a slightly high-pitched voice). Happening now.

And a follow-up:

Hi, you aren’t going to believe this (or maybe you will… It’s finals season) but I was finishing up my paper in the Butler stacks and saw/heard a couple at it while I was walking out. White guy with a redhead pushed up against the shelves, skirt pushed up, the whole deal. I left quietly, but I’m not sure if they saw me (or cared).

All Bwog can think is dear old Hemingway up there on the 10th level stacks—we’re sure you’re making Papa proud.

Keep it sexy, keep it safe, and Bwog salutes you, you crazy kids. If you have a steamy story you want the world to know, email or use our anonymous tip form. And of course, be sure to discuss strategy on stacks sex in the comments.

Bwog’s porn stash via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I wonder

    how many people just ran to the stacks to see if this is still happening. Pervs.

  2. Anon  

    Yeeeuhhh redheads do it best

  3. Gossip Girl  

    Wonder what guide they used to prepare...

  4. Blunts in Butler

    I had serious competition for most offensive cloud of stank in Butler tonight. Well done, adventurous redhead. Let's light up to that.

  5. Anonymous

    We have redheads at this school?


    I wanna have sex in the stacks before I graduate. Does anyone have some advice on how to go about it?

  7. Sex in the Butt  

    is more easily achieved than sex in the But.

  8. Man Gaga  

    I'll have sex in the stacks with you as long as we do not have to prescribe to gender norms.

  9. Anonymous  

    That's where the comic collection is! I hope you crazy kids were right on top of Alan Moore

  10. Sad Butler Employee  

    Please don't get semen on any of those books. We have to touch them.

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