University Statement On Title IX Filing

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The following University statement was sent out, noting that Columbia cannot comment on the allegations of the Title IX complaint because they have not yet seen it. It also states that Columbia is working to improve the current system, which will continue even in the face of the Title IX, Title II, and Clery complaints filed. Read it below the jump, emphasis ours:

Sexual assault and gender misconduct are unacceptable, including on college and university campuses. We have been working with students, faculty and staff to make that emphatically clear on our campus and have already taken the first of a series of significant new measures dedicated to preventing such sexual misconduct, supporting survivors, and improving adjudication of these painful cases. That process of action and reform will continue in the months ahead because we are committed to protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of every member of our university community. We’ve been told a complaint has been filed, but we have not seen it, and are not able to comment on its allegations.

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  1. Congrats

    You made jezebel. All initial credibility they had- gone. Columbia is going to crush this. Big smoke - no fire.

  2. Why  

    can a student get kicked off campus for academic dishonesty but rapists and serial sexual assaulters are allowed to remain...? Just wondering.

  3. Anonymous

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  4. CC 14  

    This is absolutely disgusting. How dare you post a piece romanticizing sexual violence, while these victims are here fighting serious trauma and asking for help.

    Bwog, this comment should be removed immediately. It is extremely offensive and inappropriate.

    • Anonymous  

      By all means, and let's burn some books while we're at it. God forbid that Columbia students might be exposed to some historical ideas that might upset them.

    • Anonymous

      @CC 14

      Just stop. It's people like you that make social justice into some stupid caricature of a sniveling, over-sensitive, irrational progressive bullshit, that causes most people to roll their eyes at the masturbatory indignation of it all.

      I mean look at what you fucking wrote. Are you serious?

      And it's a shame because this is a great accomplishment with real impact.

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