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Enjoy the view from your intern laptop.

Enjoy the view from your intern laptop.

Are you enjoying your summer job? A Columbia student is working as mermaid-stripper called Naiad at an undercover strip club in New York. (NYT)

A U.S. Army Captain stationed in Afghanistan made a surprise appearance at his daughter’s class day. Make sure you grab a Kleenex before you watch. (NY Daily News)

Morton B. Friedman, beloved long-time professor of civil engineering, has died at age 86. We offer our condolences to his family and friends. (Columbia)

Havana Central is reportedly closed. (Yelp)

GSSC has filled its last E-board position and has appointed Oraia Reid as VP of Campus Life.

Tipped: “Yay Strauss Fest!!!

The group Columbia Alumni Allied Against Sexual Assault held a forum during Columbia’s reunion weekend to discuss reforms and respond to rape culture on campus.

De Blasio and Cuomo might want the Obama presidential library, but where would we put it? (Sun-Times)

Columbia Health services is now providing free emergency contraception during walk-in hours, no appointment necessary. (Coalition Against Sexual Violence).

Check out this Project Not Asking For It video made by Columbians:

And finally, a note from EIC Sarah Faith Thompson:

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve chosen to have the humorous and witty Maud Rozee join me as an editor in chief of Bwog next semester. We look forward to making Bwog better than ever, together. Two is better than one.

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  1. Anonymous  

    this is good, because Maud is great, even though I don't think she likes me.

  2. fucking socialism

    Normally, plan B costs about $40 at Duane Reade. "free" Plan B is well and good, but if you think the university is ponying up that money, you're a fool. Who do you think is actually fronting the cost of these pills? The students of course. Take a good look at your mandatory "student life fee" and you'll see that it goes up. If a student needs Plan B, the rest ofus shouldnt be funding her sexual indiscretions.
    Plan B is a good preventative measure in cases of rape, but the university's distributive system(i.e. none) leaves it open to students who could misuse the increased availability of the pill.

  3. Anonymous

    The 1/4 stat is complete garbage. Even 1/5 is pushing it.

    Also would it kill some of the ladies in the video to wear a bra?
    Sorry not sorry. K. Thx. Bai.

    • Ohh you troll,

      you made me focus on boobs the whole video! Not sorry either. Didn't see anyone (noticeably) without a bra though.

    • Lol

      1. Would love to see some legitimate proof as to why you think the statistic is "complete garbage."

      2. Our bodies, our choices, your loss.

      Fuck off and go back to your cave, troll.

      • No Red Tape

        You go girl! This is exactly why I need feminism: before feminism I was just another fat girl with a lousy IQ. And now, well not much has changed, but I am courageous and a survivor lol!!! Not to mention beautiful (mirrors dont "reflect" my beauty), flawless (criticism is ableist), smart (exams are sexist - have you ever seen the male female exam grade distribution in a STEM class? thought so), and strong (well not physically).

        Thanks to feminism, I now realize that equality means that I am truly better than the second sex, and therefore, I deserve my special privileges, like free plan B! It's not like tuition here is that pricey anyway. Besides, my body, your money! And that, my comrade, is why we need feminism. You're a sexist chauvinist pig if you say otherwise.

      • Dick Dickerson's Two Cents

        Your Body, Your Choice, Your Consequences, Your $40 Bill.

        • Costs of having a child

          Sure. Instead lets have 20-ish year old men-children spend the tens of thousands of dollars it takes to raise a kid rather than the $40 for emergency contraception used for instances of both consentual and NONCONSENTUAL intercourse.
          You are truly inspiring.
          If you ever find two brain cells to rub together, it will truly be a blessing.

          • Dick Dickerson's Two Cents

            LOL That's cute, but I'm talking specifically about consensual sex. When you have consensual sex and get pregnant (your body, your choice, just the way you like it) you should also be footing that $40 bill yourself. After all, you have made choices, and it is simply not other people's responsibility to foot the bill for the consequences of those choices. A cost-benefit analysis is not going to make what you want any less straightforwardly unfair. It's you and your partner's responsibility to avoid a pregnancy or abort it if it comes to pass.

  4. Anonymous

    the only reason these attention whores keep making these dumb-ass pat-on-the-back videos is because you are calling them "so brave" and rewarding them for shitting on other people. from a wrongly accused.

  5. Anonymous

    "50% of college women who were victims of rape did not consider what happened to them rape"

    • upworthy

      rape - the act, intention or thought of physical and/or emotional interaction with the opposite sex (or same sex if you're LGBQTRNAGZYF).

      Rape isn't something you realize is happening in the moment. It might be as innocent as a stranger's "accidental" brush of the shoulder as you pass one another in the hallway. It might be an unwanted peck on the cheek when you greet a friend, or a whisper in your ear or sentence in a book. It takes months to process it. I was raped, I should know.

      During my freshman year, I drank three cups of jungle juice at a Sig Nu party, and felt very tipsy. I hooked up with this guy I was dancing with because at the time, I thought he was cute. After looking up his facebook profile picture the next day, I realize that had I not been drunk, I wouldn't have hooked up with him. This same shitlord graduated this year phi beta kappa and will be at goldman sachs. Thanks for doling out a diploma to a common rapist, Prezbo. Meanwhile, I get academic suspension for poor grades. Fucking ironic.

      • Anonymous  

        Did you just say a brush on the shoulder on the hallway is rape?

        Yes, consent is crucial and rape is horrific, but when you broaden the definition like that all you're doing is weakening it. Unwanted shoulder brushes, pecks on the cheek, or whispers may make you uncomfortable or under the right circumstances may be traumatizing, but they're by no means rape in and of themselves.

      • It's not rape if

        you weren't coerced/forced to have sex. From the sounds of it, it doesnt seem like the guy would have forced you to do something you didnt willingly consent to. You said, "After looking up his facebook profile picture the next day, I realize(sp.) that had I not been drunk, I wouldn't have hooked up with him." Don't blame beer goggles for your poor decisions/don't cry rape because you didnt find him attractive the next day. I also suspect your academic suspension wasn't a result of your 'trauma' but instead was correlated with your probable habit of "three cups of jungle juice."

      • Anonymous  

        lol, these SJWs are so far stuck up their own asses that the satire flies past them. It reminds me of those pranks that get played on twitter: i.imgur.com/2NVhIeo.jpg

  6. Angry Marxist Whore  

    Between the mermaid stripper, male escorts, and sugar babies among the Columbia student body, President Bollinger might as well walk around in a purple suit. The economic demands of the university upon its student, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, has turned labor and fiscal exploitation into direct sexual exploitation. Sadly, this is nothing new in the history of educational finance. However, what is new is Bollinger's nearly unprecedented $2.3 million+ paycheck. Students are being forced to sell their bodies while Bollinger and other overpaid scum in administrative offices jerk off to their trust funds. These parasites hide behind affirmative action and financial aid policies that promote a "diverse" community while deliberately ignoring the fundamentally exploitative systems which maintain their wealth. This is evident in both the highly specific formula by which Columbia arbitrates one's financial "need" and in its attempts to disenfranchise poor communities. I'm just waiting for the day an SWS protest turns violent.

  7. Dick Dickerson's Two Cents

    I don't like the Not Asking For It video.

    Absolutely none of their stats are being given context. The audience is being talked at and is being given very little to work with in order to think about the issue at hand, or question the way it's being presented in this video.

    I found that their use of A Tribe Called Quest's "Can I Kick It" gave the video a bit of a smarmy "hey we're cool and really inclusive b/c we listen to 90's rap, come talk about sex assault over bagels w/us in the lobby" kind of feel to it.

    I point this out because a LOT of the social activism done on this campus by students is usually carried out in order to give its organizers brownie points for saying the right left-wing-ish things about social issues before they run for Student Affairs Rep or whatever. It's getting really old.

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