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Amir’s Closes At Least Temporarily

Amir’s, the little restaurant on Broadway between 113th and 114th that served Middle Eastern and vegetarian fare, has closed, at least temporarily. There is a sign on the door explaining that Amir’s “must close their doors for now,” but that the staff “feel that this is not a final goodbye”; they “hope to ‘pop-up’ really […]

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Remembering Public Safety Officer Martin Nelles

On Friday, April 8th, Public Safety Officer Martin Nelles collapsed and passed away while on duty. Officer Nelles’s family remembers him as conscientious and responsible. His co-workers greatly respected him as he recently received his thirty-year badge for a job well done. In a message from The Facilities Department, Communications VP Dan Held writes: “Officer […]

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Bwoglines: Early June Edition

Are you enjoying your summer job? A Columbia student is working as mermaid-stripper called Naiad at an undercover strip club in New York. (NYT) A U.S. Army Captain stationed in Afghanistan made a surprise appearance at his daughter’s class day. Make sure you grab a Kleenex before you watch. (NY Daily News) Morton B. Friedman, […]

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Brown/White/Grey Hawk Down: Rest In Peace, Hawkma

We’ve got some (potentially) sad news, folks. Hawkma’s reign over freshmen, upperclassmen, and faculty alike may have come to an end in the wee hours of the night. Though we can’t say for sure whether this is merely a Hawkmimposter, the slain bird does seem to resemble our robust, bloodthirsty friend. Tipster Ze’ev Gebler sent in […]

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