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A low-angle shot of Barnard HallCongratulations to Barnard’s 2017 Phi Beta Kappa Inductees!

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Oh Alma, mother of wisdom and fairness.

We all know that season. The season of CCSC campaigning. We’ve all seen the Facebook posts, the blatant lies they tell. We put up with it. But what annoys us the most? Bwog Staffer Gabrielle Kloppers is here to complain.

I could deal with the Facebook posts, constantly popping up in my notifications as someone again bombarded the Class of 2019 Group. I could even handle a friend sending me a link to the voting website with the caption, “Thanks for the great time last night at 1020! Do you mind…” I didn’t even really mind the people taking candidate pictures, smiling sweetly on Low, or physically pulling people in with a cute puppy and then accosting them with a pitch. But this was unacceptable. It was becoming all too unbearable.

I’ll set the scene for you. It’s a Thursday night and I am tired. Dead tired, in my bones tired. Too tired to even walk to my room on 113 from Hamilton to take my nap. Knowing a friend is downtown, and that her door is rarely locked, I wearily turn from Hamilton to Hartley. I relish in the thought that this solution is perfect. Plus, unlike mine, her room smells really nice and doesn’t have a dish of crusted up EasyMac on the desk.

I’m snuggled up to her felt pillow, enjoying the scent of her perfume (this is not as erotic as it sounds) and trying to ignore the scent of the loudest weed possible (regrettably, it was 4/20), when I hear the sound of my friend’s RA approaching. I don’t think much of it. Then I hear her begin to knock on someone’s door. It, luckily, is not mine. But it is right next door. She introduces her friend, who is running for CCSC election. He proceeds to step into the room and give his spiel. More shockingly, at the end of it, he asks that those present take out their phones and vote for him. He stays and watches them until they do it.

Now, there are numerous problems involved in this situation. Firstly, what is the point of a ‘democratic’ election if those who vote are coerced? But secondly, why does CCSC have to invade everything, even my nap. People of Columbia, we should not be forced to quickly put out a joint or hide some bottles in fear of CCSC candidates (replete with RA!) bursting into our rooms and forcing us to vote. It is simply not right. And it interrupted my blessed nap.

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If you've ever been to a State of the Sandwich Address, tell us how it was

If you’ve ever been to a State of the Sandwich Address, tell us how it was

Another Sunday night, another four hour meeting. If you couldn’t make it to CCSC last night (and who can blame you), here are the pertinent details from the slogfest, courtesy of Monday meme Nadra Rahman.

Every spring we look forward to un-tarped lawns, eau de mulch in the air, and…constitutional review? This year, CCSC’s constitutional review was informed by concerns surrounding appropriate representation, resulting in the creation of four new representative positions (and the abolition of two) and a heated discussion over the ballot initiative process. Here’s the Constitution to read along, and keep in mind the various discussions on Columbia University Apartheid Divest (CUAD) this semester (four links).

The New Positions

A note: the newly-elected Sandwich Ambassador and Inclusion and Equity Rep will serve out their terms. The election for the new positions will take place next spring, during regular CCSC elections.

Goodbye Sandwich Ambassador, hello Financial Security & First Generation Rep. There were multiple proposals for reforming the Sandwich Ambassador on the table—the first renamed the position entirely and geared it towards addressing broader financial and food security concerns, and this was the one that passed. The second proposal combined this with aspects of community engagement at the core of the position, while also allowing the Sandbassador to use a different, more serious title when interacting with outside businesses; the third mostly retained the current job description but also added the use-name and some (brief) language on financial security, and the fourth was much the same but suggested changing the name altogether, to one of a series of proposed new names.

There were outbursts galore



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Overseen in Butler at 2 am.

Good morning, Columbia! Happy last week of classes! You’re almost there. You’ve worked so hard this semester and we’re so proud of you. #feels. Anyways, here’s today’s Bwoglines.

Happening in the nation: He’s back. That’s right, kids— Barry is back. Today, President Obama will make a speech at the University of Chicago, marking his first public appearance since leaving the White House.

Happening in NYC: In light of Earth Day this past weekend, a new bill in the NYC City Council will require all businesses to both recycle and compost.

Happening on campus: Today at noon in the East Ramp Lounge of Lerner, Title IX Coordinator Marjorie Fisher will be giving a talk on policy related to sexual assault. Come listen in on the chat to see where the future of this policy is headed.

Overheard: A prospie just pronounced Bwog “bee-wog.”

It’s the last week of classes! You can do it!

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This important event is happening on Tuesday, 4/25!

Bucket List represents the intellectual privilege we enjoy as Columbia students. We do our very best to bring to your attention important guest lecturers and special events on campus. Our recommendations for this week are below, and the full list is after the jump. If you notice any events that have been left off the list, or if you have a correction, please let us know in the comments.


  • “Poetics of Justice: A Conversation Between Claudia Rankine and Dionne Brand” Tuesday, April 25, 6:00 pm. Sulzberger Parlor. Claudia Rankine, Dionne Brand.
  • “Queering Sexual Violence: A Night of Healing Through Performance” Monday, April 24, 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Lerner Hall, Blackbox Theater. LGBTQ @ Columbia, Sexual Violence Response, Undergraduate Student Life.
  • “Rape, Popular Culture, and Post-Racial America” Tuesday, April 25, 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Low Library Faculty Room. Dr. Salamishah Tillet.
  • “Feminist to the Core with Jack Halberstam on Sigmund Freud” 4:00 – 6:00 pm. Butler Library, Room 523. Jack Halberstam.

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Another semester has passed. Half of your 70000$ tuition is down the drain. You have been going every financial/investment banking/consulting events, but you still don’t know if you really want to go down that path. Maybe you are unsatisfied with your majors. Maybe you still don’t know what you want to study. Maybe you don’t know when you will finally gather up the will power to do your laundry. But everything is fine, you know that Bwog will always be at Lerner 505 at 7 pm on these glorious Sundays, waiting for you. You know there will be groceries, sweets that will make everything less painful.

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Bwog staff writer and daily editor, Timmy Wu, reflects on his first year of College life, and presents to you a rare, indecisive reflection on Columbia.

Today had to have been the six-thousandth time that I saw campus tour guides herding prospective students and their parents into Furnald, pointing out the woodwork of the lobby and the top-notch facilities. They filed into the abnormally large model room. There was no laundry from three weeks ago, no hidden bottles of whiskey and wine, no hair intertwined in the polyester fibers on the carpet. In the prospective students’ pamphlet, there are statistics, polished ones that don’t necessary translate into what you experience in Columbia. There are resources for the unquenchable, ever-expanding young minds, it wrote. There are spaces where you could talk about the things you cared about. There are gazillion clubs where you will find people who share your interests, with whom you will build a relationship that lasts forever after bouts and bouts of social anxieties, feeling of isolation and loneliness.

Like traveling through a tunnel, looking at the bright light yonder, you dived into Columbia, accepted the admission offer with naive ecstasy, without knowing that, shit, you have to get through these hours of very very nasty feelings. So here is a fluffy Bwoglove to those classmates with whom you suffered in First Year Arabic class, friends whom you immediately called after you woke up from a night of debauchery, and finally, clubs that somehow (mistakenly) did not reject you. Hold on to them. Tell them you thank them for getting through this rugged year by your side, tell them that you are willing to go to Ferris if they are feeling extra adventurous today.



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Bwog is back with a guideline on how to step your Tinder game up to your maximum. In the vitriolic dating scene of New York City, Tinder can either save you or ruin you, and this is just a matter of how good your profile is. Just do as we say and you will be fine.

  • First and foremost, make sure you have Columbia University in the City of New York in your profile. Take advantage of the elitism that this school provides you with. Make sure “in the City of New York” is included because if the school name is longer it sounds more official and more important.
  • But don’t put it in your bio. The repeat makes you sound like a tryhard.
  • Any internships? Researcher positions? Include that shit. As with the first clause, make sure the position name is as long as possible, because it sounds more important that way. For example, instead of saying “Intern at CUMC,” say “Undergraduate Research Intern at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC).”
  • Do you work at Goldman Sachs? Include it. Do you not work at Goldman Sachs? Pretend you do. 

    Enough said.








What else should you do?



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Happening in the world: Amid high tension in the Korean peninsula, after the US warns North Korea that its “strategic patience” is over, North Korea detained Kim Dong-chul, a 62-year-old naturalized US citizen born in South Korea. (BBC)

Happening in the US: Us actress Erin Moran, best known for playing Joanie in sitcom Happy Days in the 1970’s has died at age 56. (BBC)

Happening in NYC: NYC celebrated Earth Day by clearing Broadway of traffic from 10 am to 4 pm, here are some photos of the events. (NBC New York)

Happening on campus: Matthew Casey wil be at Sulzberger Hall 3rd Floor Parlor, presenting his new book Empire’s Guest Worker, that discusses the “on-the-ground experiences of Haitian migrants in Cuba” and how their actions shaped “larger processes of US imperialism, economic penetration, race-making and shifts in global migration policies”.

Want to know how to write hit songs like The Chainsmoker, here is a tutorial:


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If you need to get signed into someone else’s dorm tonight, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll forget to pick up your ID on the way out, then panic a few minutes (or hours, or days) later. So, how do you go about asking for it back from the desk guard? Managing Editor Betsy Ladyzhets has put together a handy flowchart to help you figure that out, based on way too much personal experience.

Every possible ID-forgetting scenario?



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Honestly, we put up with a lot of shit (weather-wise) as New Yorkers. Yet, between the time we’re bombarded by hail in 15ºF weather and baked by the summer humidity, there is a 2-month sliver of time (April-May) where we’re reminded by how pleasant nature can actually be.

In celebration of Earth Day, we asked Bwoggers to take pictures of campus and of New York City in all its springtime glory. Next time you walk to class, take a moment to appreciate how lucky you are to have such a gorgeous campus.


luscious lawns since 1754



Greek columns and chill

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Art expresses the full range of human experience, in all its beauty and aspirations. No matter your interests or background, you are guaranteed to find in the city of New York art that speaks to you. Earlier today, Bwog posted arts events happening on campus. In this post, Bwog describes art exhibitions happening in Manhattan, most of them free to Barnumbia students.

For the fashionista: The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between

May 4 – September 4: FREE

The Met seems to have it all: Monets, Japanese calligraphy, even an Egyptian temple. However, most visitors don’t know that the Met has a constantly changing fashion exhibit, featuring the most important developments in fashion. In May, check out the Comme des Garçons exhibit, which “will examine the work of Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, known for her avant-garde designs and ability to challenge conventional notions of beauty, good taste, and fashionability.”

No need to fly halfway across the world to see these bad boys

For the history buff: The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Age of Empires: Chinese Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties

Through July 16: FREE

The Qin and Han dynasties witnessed the formation of the Chinese identity, consolidating the language, artistic traditions, and many of the values still present in Chinese society today. Here’s your chance to see some of the famed Xi’an terracotta warriors, as well as some works of art that have never before been displayed in the United States. Bwoggers who have been to this exhibit give the experience a 10/10.

For the activist: Whitney Museum of American Art: The 2017 Whitney Biennial

Through June 11: $17

Every two years, the Whitney Museum puts on an exhibition that highlights the current state of American art. This year’s biennial is especially poignant, as it “arrives at a time rife with racial tensions, economic inequities, and polarizing politics. Throughout the exhibition, artists challenge us to consider how these realities affect our senses of self and community.”

Click for Helen Frankenthaler and Joan Miró



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Bwog will be there. Will you?

New York City is packed with amazing culture and inspiring art, but sometimes it’s difficult to break the Morningside-bubble and experience it all first-hand. “Where Art Thou” is a weekly guide to interesting and notable lectures, events, and performances for the literary/musically/theatrically-inclined on campus.

Monday, April 24th

Wednesday, April 26th

  • Midday Music featuring Alec Hon and Dean Deng, cello and piano duo, 12:00 PM, Garden Room 2 at Faculty House – Alec Hon and Dean Deng will be performing a program D. Shostakovich: Sonata for Cello and Piano in d minor, Op. 40S and Prokofiev: Sonata for Cello and Piano on C Major, Op. 119 – Free and open to the public
  • Marco Fusi: violin, viola, viola d’amore, 7:00 PM, The Italian Academy – “Marco Fusi is an Italian violinist and violist and a passionate advocate for the music of our time. Among many collaborations with established and emerging composers, he has recently premiered works by Billone, Scelsi, Sciarrino, Eötvös, Cendo, and Ferneyhough.” – Free and open to the public
  • Klezmer Ensemble: Spring Concert 2017, 8:00 PM, 112 Dodge Hall – Free and open to the public




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make everyone jealous by walking into class with this fabulous drink

Happening in the United States: The University of California, Berkeley reversed its decision to ban conservative author Ann Coulter from speaking on campus, rescheduling her talk on campus in early May. (The New York Times)

Happening in New York City: Check out the Met’s latest exhibition: The Age of Empires. Explore artwork from ancient China (Qin and Han dynasties), including various terracotta warriors and other treasures never before exhibited in the United States. (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Happening Near Campus: Celebrate Earth Day by participating in the March for Science between 10:30am and 4pm at 64th and Central Park West.

Overheard: “If I started a fraternity, it’d be Eta Omicron Epsilon. HOE for short.”

Treat Yourself: Wondering about all the hype surrounding the Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks? Check out this Buzzfeed video to learn more about this beverage.

Unicorn frappuccino via



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No guarantees MoHi spicy tuna rolls actually look like this

Like off-brand toilet paper and the John Jay rice bowls, spicy tuna rolls are really hit or miss. If you get one from the right place, they can serve as a perfect deli lunch, but if you hit up the wrong joint, they can also serve as a perfect disappointment. Bwog Bagel Amara presents you with a guide to MoHi deli tuna rolls. 

I’ve been you before. Your class releases at 2:25 but your recitation starts at 3, which is just not enough time for a sit-down lunch. You want to grab a quick sushi roll but you don’t want it to be nasty… where should you go?

1. Milano (<$8): Milano has very fresh ingredients and makes their rolls fresh throughout the afternoon. This means the rice will be pretty soft (not like refrigerator crunchy), and the spicy mayo they put on top has little red flakes in it. They don’t make the sushi extra spicy or anything, but they look hardcore.

2. Appletree (<$7): I honestly want to give Appletree the award for best deli in Morningside. Even though it’s a few blocks deep, their ingredients are really fresh and tasty. At first, I thought only their sandwiches were good, but then I learned their spicy tuna rolls are super good too! The rice is a little harder because they leave it in the fridge for longer, but it’s still super good. Definitely worth the hike; also pick up a cantaloupe cup (they sell one of the best in MoHi as well).

3. Morton Williams (<$8) (but only before 6pm): I know what you’re thinking– can Morton Williams do anything right, other than being overpriced and open 24 hours? Yes. When the sushi chef is there, the rolls are actually pretty quality. The tuna is a little spicier than the others, so if you’re looking for a kick, head to 116th!

spicy tuna rollage via stu_spivack on Flickr

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