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THE legend herself.

Bwog is back and better than ever from a long, crazy weekend. From celebrity meetups to scaring poor tourists away, here is a collection of the highlights of our Staff writers’ weekends. If you have any stories you would like to contribute, email us at and we will add it to this week’s edition!

Bwog and Food/Drink:

  • Talked shit over vodka sodas with a friend like i was on Sex and the City.
  • Ate a Stews meatball after it had fallen on the floor of an Academy bus (I think).
  • Spent approx. 1/6th of my current remaining money on a dozen Absolute bagels.
  • Pregamed the Olympic Opening Ceremony at an event called “Miracle on Smirnoff Ice.” Took a shot every time the NBC commentators made some dumb comment about nature and man being in harmony. Subsequently got wasted.
  • Had a bomb smores reeses cake at an otherwise terribly-mediocre rowing party.
  • Fought management at Carmine’s for a table.
  • Ate fancy bread pudding with jalapeño ice cream.
  • Got very drunk very quickly with my roommate. Ended up leaving Mel’s at 1 in a cab and we caused a scene in front of Appletree because I was screaming because my friend was trying to run back to Mel’s.
  • Drank Smirnoff Ice and listened to early 2000’s music whilst watching my friends fill out the Datamatch survey.
  • Got stoned and called a spa in the UWS that I frequent to ask them what their spaghetti policy is. Laughed harder than I should have for longer than I should have.

More stories found here.



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Ana Pena fucks it up with her mirror selfies.

Bwog is back to help you find a Valentine’s in the eleventh hour! Ana and Lucy are on a quest for love. If you want to get to know one of these lovely women, send us an email at and we’ll put you in touch with them.

Name, Year, School, Major:
Ana, Barnard 2021, Anthropology
Personal bio:
Smoke, talk, fuck, JJs
No preference
What redeems you as a human being?
A white man being a stereotypically white
Library room of choice:
Lehman Library
Beverage of choice:
Which dating apps have you been active on? (be honest)
Tinder, bumble
Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night?
Idk but I’m gonna be lit
Historical Hottie:
Sor Juana


We love Lucy!

Name, Year, School, Major:
Lucy, Barnard 2021, Women’s/Gender/Sexuality Studies
Preference (girl for girl, etc):
Gal for pal
Vermont (I won’t bother with the town because you haven’t heard of it.)
Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer:
“I hate lush cosmetics.”
What redeems you as a human being?
I’m gay.
Library room of choice:
Beverage of choice:
Coconut water
Which dating apps have you been active on? (be honest)
Tinder… vaguely
Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night?
At a ~party~ or in my room watching The Bachelor
Historical Hottie:
What is this question


Images via Ana Pena and Bwogger Lucy Danger 



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Random bathroom from Bwog Archives. I think this might be from Woodbridge.

This is a reboot of our 2012 guide to campus bathrooms, Poopin’ In Pupin. The list is made with submissions from Bwoggers and responses on our Facebook and Twitter. If you have a bathroom you like to poop in that hasn’t been featured, email, comment below, or DM us on any social media platform.

  • Philosophy 4 bathroom next to the elevator: It’s single stall (gender neutral), large, clean, marble, sunny, and not a lot of people use it. It’s pretty hidden, so you wouldn’t know it’s there unless you knew it was there. You can poop loudly without people hearing you because it’s not directly in a crowded hallway but a tiny narrow corridor off Philosophy 4.
  • Wien basement bathroom: Wien basement is uncomfortably warm, but that means no one goes there. This isn’t by the package center where there’s a lot of foot traffic; it’s off to the side past some shady doors. Not the most luxurious, but points for privacy.
  • Butler 6 bathroom (after 11 pm): the rooms in Butler 6 are closed after 11 pm, but the bathrooms are still accessible, which means they’re clean and isolated. Not single stall, but it doesn’t matter since no one’s there after 11 pm.
  • Milbank 3 women’s bathroom: This bathroom is a labyrinth of stalls, making it difficult if not impossible for other patrons to know which stall you’re in/whether you’re the one pooping or not. While crowded in between classes, it usually clears out during class time and becomes a nice, quiet haven.

More poop-friendly bathrooms after the jump



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This is such a fluffy stack!

This Bwogger teamed up with a special guest to make Lemon Ricotta Pancakes– an ideal breakfast for a rainy Sunday morning. Pair your fluffy stack with Smashed Berry Compote and you’ve got the perfect way to start your day.

Undoubtedly you’ve seen this famous creation on the menu of Sarabeth’s, the Blair Waldorf approved brunch spot of Manhattan. But why pay upwards of $20 for a plate of cakes when you can make ‘em at home so easily? Dollop on some mixed berries, decorate your table with flowers and lace doilies, and put on a Lana Del Rey playlist to experience breakfast like the Queen Bee of the UES.

More yum after the jump



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Betsy “runs what is supposed to be a widely respected media titan” Ladyzhets

Betsy Ladyzhets and Brent Morden do a lot of things together: organize an honor band, co-sign emails, have a dinner meeting in the Diana without actually eating dinner because Brent is going to Ferris later. So, we thought it would make sense to also post their personals together, in the first post of our annual series. If you are interested in a Valentine’s date (or any other kind of date, really) with either of them, email and we can set you up.

Name, Year, School, Major: Betsy Ladyzhets, 2019, Barnard, Biology & English

Preference: Girl for girl.

Hometown: White People and Trees, Connecticut.

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: Skinny dipping at Cornell.

What redeems you as a human being? When I reorganized my books over winter break, I discovered that, on two completely independent occasions, I acquired two completely independent copies of The Puritan Dilemma, a biography of John Winthrop. If that doesn’t mean I’m predestined for salvation, I don’t know what does.

Library room of choice: Altschul Atrium.

Beverage of choice: Peppermint vodka.

Which dating apps have you been active on? Tinder, AO3, the rush lines of Broadway musicals.

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night? At a basketball game, staring wistfully at the cheerleaders, dance team, Camille Zimmerman, etc. when I’m supposed to be playing clarinet.

Historical Hottie: Jeanne Baret

Brent “more than meets the eye” Morden

Name/Year/School/Major: Brent Morden, CC ’19, Music.

Preference: Man for woman.

Hometown: The beautiful land of Queens, NY.

Nightmare date (7 words or fewer): Sunday Ferris brunch. Arrive. It’s closed :( #ferrisforever

What redeems you as a human being?: Great question. I have the uncanny ability to make anyone smile. If that’s not enough, perhaps my own smile will do.

Library room of choice: Gabe M. Wiener Music and Arts Library, Dodge Hall. All of it.

Beverage of choice: They say you are what you drink. That’s why I’ll always go for a hot, soothing Earl Grey tea ;)

Which dating apps have you been active on?: None, unless you count the great dating app that is life itself.

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night?: In the company of friends, music, food, or all of the above. Sleeping, too, eventually. (Gotta get that 8 hours, am I right Alice! Health Promotion?)

Historical Hottie: Hildegard of Bingen. Talented, influential, saintly… wowza!



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After a week off, CCSC is back and better than ever, tackling the needs and demands of the students. Sit down, buckle up, and enjoy this recap of the weekly meeting by Bwogger Nadra. 

Someone explain the context of this.

Though you might not expect it from Columbia students, last week’s CCSC meeting was cancelled to accommodate the Super Bowl. Luckily, our illustrious delegates have wandered back after their brief reprieve, for a meeting that was all about policy.

Blood Rites

Zoha Qamar (VP Policy, ESC), 2021 Rep Aja Isabel, 2020 Rep Danielle Resheff, and 2020 Rep Grant Pace delivered a presentation on the stalled pads and tampons program, a joint CCSC-ESC initiative that launched with a pilot program last year. The program was meant to increase accessibility to menstrual products for those in need, whether due to emergency or financial burden.

But the program is in the red now



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You could be doing this in no time!

DevFest, Columbia’s version of a Hackathon, is back and better than ever. For the next week, events will be happening all over campus dedicated to computer science, programming, and coding – no experience required! Starting today, introduction workshops will be held for those interested in coding but do not have any previous knowledge on the subject. On top of all of these programs, there will be lots of free food, including boba, Chapati house, and cookies! At the end of the week, people will have the opportunity to present their ideas and programming they have made in the past week for a chance to win the grand prize of $1,500!

Don’t miss out on the amazing events planned out for Columbia students throughout the next week. For more information on the events being held, you can find the list of scheduled programs here.

Happy hacking!

I’ve never programmed before via Flickr Creative Commons



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They’re really pressed over Bwog’s reviews and commentary!

Happening Around The World: Saratov Airlines flight 703 crashed after takeoff during a routine flight from Moscow to Orsk, killing everyone (71 individuals) on board. Investigators are looking into the potential cause for the crash of the commercial plane, which is proving to be difficult due to the widespread range of debris fall. (Russia Today)

Happening In The US: Eric T. Schneiderman, the attorney general for the State of New York filed a lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein and his brother as a result of the “human right violations” the corporation has performed against women and other individuals. Weinstein has come under spotlight over the past few months after numerous women have accused him of sexual assault, triggering a negative outcry against him. Trying to keep his corporation alive during these times, Weinstein attempted to commit a sale worth millions that would help, but this court case will delay these attempts. (NY Times)

Happening In The City: A fourth child has unfortunately passed away from the flu last night. The 5-year old girl, hailing from Brownsville, Brooklyn, was diagnosed with the flu Friday night, with her symptoms worsening until her passing. This comes during a bad flu season, with over 60 kids having died compared to around 20 this same time last year. (CBS)

Happening On Campus: Today continues Columbia’s Community Service coat drive, which lasts until April 30th! If you have a used coat that you’re not wearing anymore or want to donate one of your extras, show up to 304 Earl Hall today to drop it off and help a local family in need! More information regarding the drive can be found here.

Overseen On Campus: Harvard’s Jester gets mad at Bwog for dragging their service DataMatch (see photo above).

Salty competition via Bwog Website

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