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Bwog is now accepting applications for resident couch potato.

Welcome to a new day of Housing Coverage (get excited)! If you weren’t able to pick during the first day, don’t you worry: there are still plenty of great dorms to choose from. It might be hard to believe, but things tend to work out the way that they are supposed to (or at least, that’s what Columbia Housing assures us).

There was some big news yesterday: with the new changes to EC, it might be okay that you might not end up living there after all. Even with an up-for-grabs brownstone available for selection, it seems that we might be in for a few more surprises before housing selection is over this year. While uncertainty might scare most, the reality is that most people (as of now) are like you, unsure as to where they are living next year.

Good luck with housing selection today Columbia! May the odds be ever in your favor. Below is a liveblog along with a spreadsheet that will keep you updated throughout the day! Feel free to come say hi to us during selection: we’ll be right here all day!

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Looking for quiet yet beautiful, gentle frosh dorm with ~hardwood~? Wallach Hall, or as this Bwogger/former Wallach resident likes to affectionately call it, Wally, is a solid choice.

Location: 1116 Amsterdam Avenue.

Nearby Dorms: Connected to John Jay (Wallach’s cool friend) and Hartley (Wallach’s younger, weirder brother).

Stores and Restaurants: JJ’s and John Jay Dining Hall are accessible from Wally without even having to go outside! In terms of real food, Wallach is also close to Strokos, Artopolis, the halal cart on 116th, HamDel, 1020 (lmao)

Cost: $7,928 (The standard for frosh housing. Yay, freshpeople!)


  • Bathrooms: On floors 3-8, seven private bathrooms per floor, with one being handicapped accessible. On floors 2-9, three private bathrooms per suite. These bathrooms are definitely bougie (see pictures at bottom), but cleanliness depends on floor residents.
  • AC/Heating: No AC, but yes heating.
  • Laundry: A laundry room in the basement is shared with Hartley and has 12 washers/dryers. If that wasn’t enough to sate your rabid, unending hunger for laundry rooms (you crazy clean freak, you), John Jay’s laundry is accessible from the basement too.
  • Kitchen: On floors 3-8, a kitchen per floor lounge. On floors 2-9, a kitchen per suite. These kitchens have stoves, ovens, and cabinet space, but no fridges.
  • Lounges: Lounges abound in Wallach Hall! There is a big, beautiful piano lounge in the lobby, floor lounges with kitchens on each floor, and a wonderful sky lounge study space on floor 10.
  • Computers/Printing: None, but a singular printer in the lobby. John Jay and its 2 printers are right around the corner, though.
  • Fire Escapes/Bike Storage: None :(
  • Floor: Mock hardwood flooring in all rooms. How fun!
  • Elevators: Two relatively-fast elevators and 4 staircases. The elevators are marginally better than the elevators of other freshmen dorms.

So how big are the rooms?



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meet today’s CU Women in STEM profile, Minna Jayaswal, neuroscience researcher, future doctor, and possibly your RA!

Bwog Science is back with CU Women in STEM, where we highlight the amazing women in science at Columbia. Today’s profile is from Minna Jayaswal (Barnard ’19), whose interests lie in neuroscience and community-based healthcare, among others!

Major: Neuroscience & Behavior, with a minor in History.

What subjects are you interested in? I could honestly have a conversation about anything relating to the brain for hours! I’m specifically interested in the plasticity of the brain, which is how our brain is constantly changing in response to physiological and environmental factors. I’m also interested in the history of psychiatry in the US, which is something that I’ve researched in my coursework.

How did you get interested in your subject? Can you remember the moment that got you hooked? I’ve always been interested in the personalities and emotions of those around me. I didn’t learn to associate those curiosities with neuroscience until a scientist brought monkey brains to our classroom in the 8th grade and gave a talk on the brain and behavior. At that moment I was completely enthralled by the notion that all sources of behavior came from the brain!

Most important research/extracurricular experiences so far: I work at a lab right now studying natal and infant brain/behavioral development, which has definitely been important in solidifying my understanding of how important clinical research is to our knowledge of science and medicine.

What are your career goals? I’m interested in earning an MD, possibly with an MPH. I hope to work in community-based healthcare, as historically, healthcare has been a way to empower individuals and communities. Lillian Wald, one of my personal heroes, established in the early twentieth-century a whole new model of healthcare in which nurses went into communities with the tools needed to treat patients in their own homes. A lot has changed since her time, representing the rate at which our systems of providing healthcare are changing. I want to be part of developing new models that best serve all individuals regardless of class, gender, or other distinctions that limit access to the best care possible. I also hope to get involved with policy work in order to make changes at the systematic level.

Click here to read Minna’s advice



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Home sweet home?

Don’t be turned off by it’s distance from campus; Claremont is a great choice for upperclassman in search of a suite and great amenities! 

Location: 47 Claremont (suprising, we know)

  • Nearby Dorms: It’s pretty far from the rest of Columbia’s dorms, but you’re close to your Barnard friends in Elliot, the 600s, and the Quad.
  • Store and Restaurants: Pretty far from most things: the closest are Morton Williams and Vine. You might find yourself frequenting some places north of campus though like Pisticci, Liquors on La Salle, and Broadway au Lait among others.

Cost: Standardized to the cost of all upperclassman dorms: $9,538


  • Bathrooms: One private bathroom that gets cleaned twice weekly. They’re really nice, but having only 1 can be rough, especially in the 7-person suites.
  • Heating/AC: There’s no AC, but the heating works (sometimes too well, and can lead to clanking pipes)
  • Lounge: There is no common space in the suites, aside from the kitchen. There is a TV lounge in the basement, which was renovated in 2016, and has air conditioning.
  • Kitchen: One in every suite that is a little narrow but otherwise a decent size, though it can get crowded as it’s the only common area in the suite. Comes with an oven, microwave, a large refrigerator and a decent amount of cabinet/counter space. Beware setting off the fire alarm while you’re cooking!
  • Laundry: Free in the basement, renovated in 2016.
  • Fire escapes: Every suite has them but you’re not supposed to use them; you’ll have to wait until nighttime to sneak out if you want to enjoy them.
  • Computers/printers: There’s a small computer lab in the basement with a printer, as well as a printer in the lobby if you’re in a rush.
  • Gym: Another feature of the basement renovation, this has two treadmills and an elliptical if you don’t want to take the long walk to Dodge or head over to Riverside Park.
  • Bike storage: In the basement.
  • Intra-transportation: One pretty slow elevator with a pull-door. It’s the only way to get to the basement, but otherwise, the building is only 6 floors high and most people can.
  • Hardwood/carpet: Hardwood everywhere (except the bathroom and kitchen)

EC’s almost gone. Can you get in here?



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What’s going to happen to this architectural wonder?

Last night’s Barnard Student Government Association meeting was remarkable in its unnoteworthiness. In contrast with the last two weeks of excitement, SGA welcomed no guests, had no votes, and had no need to enforce order. The topic of discussion was the results of the recent Desserts After Dark survey, the bi-annual survey of the student body that SGA uses to gain input on what they should work on and hows they’re doing so far. VP Campus Life Aku Acquaye presented the results with as much excitement as could possibly mustered for what was mostly dull information.

Here are some highlights:

  • 430 students responded, a significant decrease from last spring’s 642 responses. For context, Barnard has about 2,500 students, so this level of response is barely significant. At best, this survey can tell us something about the student population who already cares about SGA, or likes filling out surveys.
  • Only one-third of respondents were aware that SGA meetings are live streamed every week.
  • Respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of peer-to-peer resources such as Writing Fellows, Speaking Fellows, and the Empirical Reasoning Center.
  • 8.2% of respondents identified as food insecure.
  • Respondents were generally unhappy with the dining halls not replenishing food towards the end of mealtimes and having food ready at the beginning of mealtimes.
  • Students had many suggestions and complaints about space allocation, with requests for more space for working out, music practice, quiet study, communal hang out, theater rehearsal, and much more.

The Q&A portion of the meeting was very informal and not informative. Junior Class VP Surbhi Lohia asked something we’ve all been wondering–“what’s going to happen with LeFrak.” SGA members snapped in agreement. Nobody knows. An external reviewer is supposed to be coming in soon to analyze the college’s space needs. Maybe we’ll all just show up one day and LeFrak will no longer be Back.



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Do I own this? Maybe.

What’s Happening In The World: Since its first insurgency in 2003, Boko Haram has launched numerous terrorist attacks across the world, and they don’t seem to be coming to an end: on Sunday in northern Nigeria, more than a dozen people have died after militants from the group clashed with soldiers. (Author’s note: I had to go to the third page of Google search results to find this. Do better, please.) (BBC)

What’s Happening In The US: Teachers in Oklahoma and Kentucky are protesting lack of funding to their schools, a couple of weeks after strikes in West Virginia led to pay raises. Love that grassroots action and properly subsidized education! (NBC)

What’s Happening In NYC: Canadian Prime Minister and Prime Hottie Justin Trudeau will speak at NYU’s commencement this May. Um, catch me transferring? (NYU Local)

What’s Happening At Columbia: If you wanted to go to the screening of “Art is a Weapon”, the story of “Bulgarian Sephardic film artist, novelist, anti-Nazi saboteur and lifelong revolutionary” Angel Wagenstein, it’s been rescheduled to tonight at 6 pm at the Harriman Institute (IAB 12). The event will also include a Q & A with director Andrea Simon.

Bop Anthem Of The Day: O, Canada. Obviously.

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