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Every August, Bwog takes a minute to reflect on the cool (and sometimes not-so-cool) places we’ve lived over the summer before we all return to Morningside Heights for the fall. Houses And Homes asks: where did you spend your time and what does home mean to you this summer? Idris O’Neill is kicking off this year’s series from the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix. If you want to showcase your own great views, send a picture and your five senses to

Where: Turtle Beach, Buck Island, off the coast of St. Croix (where I actually live)


Sound: Popcaan blasting from one of the boats, waves hitting shore, someone reminding us that we have to be offshore by 6 pm

Smell: A little bit like weed if we’re being honest and ocean, but that’s a given.

Taste: KFC I had half an hour before, Cheez-its a stranger offered to me, my first Corona (no lime), and rum of course



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Friday Daily Editor Idris O’Neill was recently awarded Bwog’s “Most Virginal” award, a condition probably attributed to the fact that there are at least a few people out there she missed her shot with. She apologizes for the late notice but let’s try again in four months, okay?

To all the people I didn’t hook up with:

I’m writing this in the back of an Uber, looking at Barnard shrink in the rearview mirror. As I pass all the bars I never went to, the restaurants I didn’t eat at, the missed opportunity of going above 125th because it’s not gentrified yet, there’s one thing I regret not doing that won’t leave my thoughts: you.

I remember every flirt, hands touching hands, every time I did that laugh that was like “you’re not that funny but I’m trying to fuck,” every exchange of smirks, the many, many conversations over drinks you bought and of course, me leaving. That was always the best feeling, having you waste your time trying to get it in with me and the power of me saying, “I think I’m actually just going to go to bed.” It was so gratifying that I wrote my final anthropology paper on it.

I miss you. I thought I should be candid about, just say what I really want to say instead of waste more time playing this game of me pretending this is going somewhere, like your bed. I did want our almost-hook up. The truth is the attraction was there, but there is no single person I’m so attracted to I’d lose sleep over it. Let’s do this all over again at, like, noon or late afternoon. I’m not picky; I just don’t think last call at 1020 at 4 am is going to cut it.

There’s still hope for you. In this new school year, when I’m a completely different person because I ate-prayed-loved myself into an enlightened, casually sexual being in Indonesia, I’d like to see you again. I hope you keep me in your thoughts in our time apart, that you learn and grow from it. Maybe you’ll tell better jokes, buy more drinks, and ultimately become the type of person I would lose sleep over. See you soon.

what is the context for this picture via Pxhere



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Remember: college is a marathon, not a sprint

Bwogline: A livery cab crashed into a New York deli, reportedly causing a total of six hospitalizations,, three of which with serious but non-threatening injuries. In this yellow cab town, you never know what to expect, but this is why we take Uber, guys. (CBS)

Study Tip: Today is the last day of finals! If you’re still revising an essay, throw a semicolon (it’s this one “;”) in there for good measure. If you’re still studying, let it go.

Music: In celebration of your leaving this place, listen to some Jorja Smith to temper all the anxiety and stress of finals season and focus on going home.

Procrastination Tip: You don’t need to procrastinate on your final day. Power through and you’re good. If you really need a break, finally take the shower you’ve been putting off or eat a full meal – anything that will take you away from work for an hour. Trust me, you need this.

Overheard: “I already threw away my notes and stuff. Don’t even ask me what 2+2 is.”

the finish line via Pixabay



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Also suing for the emotional distress of looking at this ugly house

In an effort to raise funding to hire copy editors, Bwog is cashing in on everyone who has ever crossed us. Based on empirical information we have gathered in totally legit practices, Bwog has decided to file suit against Beta because damn, how many people have to fall down your stairs before you fix them?

I’ve never asked for much from Beta. Sure, we had our differences when the pledges made me wait outside in 30 degrees when I was dressed in a crop top and shorts. Then there was that time I called you guys racist for not letting me in and the stoop boys, still refusing to let me in, asked me to stop. I didn’t even complain when you would kick me out from behind the bar despite being the better (and hotter) bartender. We have a complicated relationship and that’s fine. I would even go as far to call myself, despite everything, a friend of the frat.

Avid readers of Bwog will know that we generally have nothing against the frat, but this past weekend became a turning point for us. It came as disturbing news to us when two Bwoggers revealed they had fallen down the stairs at Beta. This, coupled with the recent Columbia Crushes post (pictured below) stating “you fell down the stairs at beta, but I fell you for you,” has prompted Bwog to investigate the 45 comments under the post.

Join Bwog against the tyranny that is the Beta stairs after the jump.



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This is what we like

Bwogline: The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced that it has recently expelled Roman Polanski and Bill Cosby from the Academy. Following Harvey Weinstein’s expulsion in October, the Academy came under fire for not previously condemning Roman Polanski. Cosby’s expulsion comes following last week’s guilty verdict on three accounts of aggravated indecent assault. (CNN)

Study Tip: Treat yourself. For every page you write of your essay or every hour you grind, reward yourself with something small like ice cream, culminating into some large reward at the end.

Procrastination Tip: Sunbathe all day. PrezBo screwed y’all over with setting his weather machine to sunny during reading week, but if you’re going to fail anyway, let it be warm.


Be happy it’s almost over.

Overheard: “I’m never donating to Columbia. Every year I’ll send them the receipts from my donations to Penn.”

sunny days are here to stay via Public Domain Pictures



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Cursed image of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, somewhere between life and death

Happening in the World: The new royal baby has been named Louis Arthur Charles, a huge shock to everyone who didn’t know the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant again. Prince Louis is fifth in the line of succession after his sister Charlotte thanks to the 2013 Succession to the Crown Act, which protected women’s claim to the throne. Yay for imperial feminism and congrats to Princess Kate! (CNN)

Happening in the US: The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, located in Montgomery, Alabama, had its grand opening yesterday. The museum, dedicated to preserving the history of lynching and racial trauma from antebellum America to the Black Lives Matter movement of today, is a $15 million private project by Bryan Stevenson, a 1995 MacArthur grant recipient. (Washington Post)

Happening in NYC: Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a letter of cease-and-desist to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), threatening further legal action for the aggressive methods. Cuomo’s statement was prompted by the over 200 arrests made in an ICE operation earlier this month. (NPR)

Happening on Campus: “1968 in 2018: Geographies and Temporalities of Mai 68” will be held in Buell Hall from 1:00 to 5:30 PM. The event will reflect on how the 1968 revolutions and resistance shape the activism of today, expanding the usual Paris to New York line to include Dakar, Tunis, and Madagascar. More information on the event can be found here.

Bop of the Day:

i had to use this uncomfortable Cuomo pic because lynching was too much via Wikimedia Commons



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Let it be noted that Bwog does not endorse the use of marijuana.

Happening in the World: Eight police officers in Argentina were dismissed after claiming the 540 kilograms of marijuana missing from a police warehouse were eaten by mice. Forensics experts disputed the claim, stating that the large consumption of weed would have resulted in a lot more dead mice. The warehouse may be housing mice, but the police department is definitely infested with rats. (BBC)

Happening in the US: An Indiana woman appeared at the door of the fire department after discovering her pet raccoon was too stoned to move. The fire department later took to Facebook apologizing for being unable to do more, but stating they appreciate the call. Apparently, weed comas are only cute and news-worthy when done by raccoons. (ABC)

Happening in NYC: An LA-based cannabis company MedMen will be opening “the Apple store of weed” today on 39th and Fifth Ave. Though marijuana is not yet legal in New York, it will be one of the three permitted dispensaries in the city. If there were ever a way to gentrify weed, of course New York found it. (Complex)

Happening on Campus: Marking the 50th anniversary of the Kerner Report, Race and Inequality in Trump’s America will be held at the Union Theological Seminary today from 5 to 7 pm. Topics include education, policing, mass incarceration (did anyone mention the War on Drugs?), and more. Registration has closed, but walk-ins will be accommodated to the best of their ability. More information on the event can be found here.

Overheard: “Kids at my boarding school grew weed in the cemetery.”

Bop of the Day:

there’s weed in heaven right? via Wikimedia Commons



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A Columbia man congratulating himself for doing nothing

Inspired by Margaret Wise Brown’s best-selling children’s book Goodnight Moon, Friday Daily Editor and former associate of men Idris O’Neill has a message for all those Columbia boys in language they’ll understand. 

In the great Ivy school

There were some frats

And male feminists

And a guy overheard

With proud sexist prejudice

And there were three sports teams sitting in Hewitt

And two ex-hookups

Who’d both sadly blew it

And that guy in your WGST seminar

And that tenured rumored predator

And a guy who cut me in line at Diana

And his other friends with no manners

Start sleeping on men after the jump



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The First Amendment as recited from memory: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Happening in the World: Demonstrators have apparently been leaving dead bodies outside of the UN headquarters in the Central African Republic. The bodies allegedly belonged to victims of UN violence, but the UN denies any involvement, simply stating that the bodies are part of propaganda. (BBC)

Happening in the US: In case you’ve forgotten, Flint, Michigan still does not have clean water. In an effort to remind others of this fact, protesters took to the I-69, blocking all lanes and shouting, “this is about Flint. This is about our women and children and our elderly. Go use someone else’s road.” The protest apparently lasted for about fifteen minutes before dispersing. (NBC)

Happening in NYC: 19 NYU students were threatened with disciplinary action after occupying an administrative building overnight. Students were a part of the unofficially recognized student group NYU Divest, which has met with administrators multiple times in the call for divestment from fossil fuels. NYU allegedly threatened students with the loss of housing and financial aid. (Washington Post)

Happening on Campus: The Columbia School of Journalism will be hosting a viewing of The Post, featuring pizza, which will then be followed by a Q&A panel with screenwriters Josh Singer and Liz Hannah. The event will be held from 6:30 – 9:30. No RSVP is required. Additional information can be found on the Facebook event. Meanwhile in the Pupin Plaza, Black Theatre Ensemble will be hosting the first of their plays in their student-written one-acts to the theme “Black to the Future.” More information can be found here.

Bop of the Day:

Generic Newspaper from Public Domain Pictures



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What we aspire all our pregames to be

Happening in the World: Scientists have recently discovered black holes manifested in the center of our galaxy, surrounding other black holes. Columbia’s very own astrophysicist Chuck Hailey published these findings, calling the presence of multiple black holes a “party.” Clearly, astrophysicists don’t need million dollar telescopes to find out bad things manifest around other bad things – just look at any group of Columbia students and a single bottle of Grey Goose. (Reuters)

Happening in the US: In news surprising no one, a party chaperone in Kentucky was arrested for the possession of drugs and alcohol in a house full of teenagers. Police officers who arrived at the scene immediately noticed the smell of weed and the discarded liquor bottles around the house. The 55-year-old chaperone, identified as Thomas Gardner, later confessed to possessing 20 grams of marijuana on top of the present alcohol and weed. Which is louder: the single man in my Barnard seminar or the amount of weed at this guy’s house? (Wear TV)

Happening in NYC: A guard from the Metropolitan Correctional Center has been accused of accepting bribes totaling $45,000 to sneak in a cellphone and alcohol to a prisoner. The jail itself is notorious for housing high profile prisoners, including El Chapo. The guard, identified as Victo Casado of the Bronx, is being charged with fraud. We say: let the prisoners party. (New York Times)

Happening on Campus: With Bacchanal in a little over 24 hours and subsequently very little time until students begin their 24 hour Bacchabenders, Bwog wants everyone to drink water (please) and pace themselves. Don’t puke at the pregame – Ty Dolla $ign would not want that for you.

Bop of the Day:

Party via Good Free Photos



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Not remotely what my roommate and I look like

Bwog forced Friday Daily Editor Idris O’Neill to read 1,000 of those fake script memes during housing season. Here’s what happened.


A crowded scene, loud rambling. ED SHEERAN’s “Photograph” is playing from downstairs, but just out of earshot. The COLUMBIA HEAVYWEIGHT CREW TEAM is taking up too many tables. Next to them sit TWO WOMEN, one clearly exasperated, the other slightly amused by them. Walking up the stairs, catching sight of these women laughing, is YOU.

You are a a first-year, an avid fan of romantic comedies and 90’s R&B and thus appropriately melodramatic, a real Barnard woman.

The exasperated woman is a stranger to you. The WOMAN across from her is your roommate – 18 or so, eyes bright and friendly, clearly angelic and too good to be eating here. You do not approach their table, but your roommate, momentarily distracted from the conversation, turns and catches your gaze. Still, you do not approach, but the ramblings come to a silence and Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” grows louder. Slowly, the lighting dims, a limelight on your roommate. The dining hall setting dissolves into…


More fake scripting after the jump!



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We couldn’t find enough Good Friday content so we had to change the occasion.

Happening in the World: During Tuesday’s preliminary World Cup game between France and Russia in St. Petersburg, Black players were targeted by fans with jeering and ape noises. It is the third occurrence at the St. Peterburg Stadium. FIFA is currently investigating the incident alongside the Fare Network, an organization dedicated to investigating racism in the European sports world. (Associated Press)

Happening in the US: The Black students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas are speaking out against their exclusion from the #MarchForOurLives campaign. Students returned to school with an increased police presence, prompting the call for the campaign against gun violence to include police officers. (Miami Herald)

Happening in NYC: 11 people were arrested in the Wednesday night protest following Stephon Clark’s death. Clark was shot 20 times by police officers in his backyard on March 18th. Most protesters were arrested on the charge of disorderly conduct. (ABC News)

Happening on Campus: The Center for Jazz Studies is hosting a free concert featuring Yosvany Terry, a Cuban musician specializing in music of the African Diaspora. Reserve your seat by e-mailing More information can be found here.

Bop of the Day:

Photo via Wikimedia Commons



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This could be you!

Lucky Barnard juniors with good lottery numbers, read ahead for what your future may hold in Sulz Tower. 

Location: 3009 Broadway (the Barnard Quad)

Nearby dorms: All the dorms in the Barnard Quad (Sulz-Reid, Sulz proper, Brooks, and Hewitt), along with the 600s and Columbia dorms Furnald and Schapiro if you’re feeling adventurous.

Stores and restaurants: the 116th Halal cart (along with various other food trucks, which are there usually into sunset), Morton Williams, Shake Shack, Pret a Manger.

Cost: According to an e-mail from ResLife, all Barnard rooms will cost the same, except for 110 studio singles. Prices will be available in late April. Just be wary of the upperclass quad meal plan (not applicable to seniors)!




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Barnard’s admissions staff getting ready to mail out decisions.

Barnard accepted 1,088 students into the class of 2022 out of 7,897 applications, a 35.5 percent increase in applicants within the last four years. As the applicant pool rises, Barnard’s admittance rate has also lowered to 13.7 percent, the lowest in College history.

The applicant pool remains diverse, with students from all 50 states, including Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Washington D.C., as well as representing 44 countries, having 52% of the class identifying as people of color. Vice President for Enrollment Jennifer Fondiller described the admitted students as “intelligent, determined, and passionate for making a difference in the world.”

The class of 2022 will also be among the first to experience the newly built Milstein Center, as well as the Beyond Barnard program.

Photo via Barnard Media Relations



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Bwog articles are the only place you can get a view like this in New York City

Blue Shift, Columbia’s undergraduate astronomy club with a shared proclaimed interest in astronomy and astrophysics, is hosting the Arts & Astros events from 4:30 to 6:30 PM in the Broadway Room at Lerner Hall today and providing snacks. No knowledge of either topic is necessary for attendance. Bring along your friends who commonly confuse astronomy and astrology to this event – you can’t lose!

Some highlights for this event include Black Holes & A Response to Hammond: An Essay on the Nature of Black Queer Femme Sexuality with Amani Garvin and Real Astrology with Moiya McTier.

See the full schedule after the jump!

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