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img November 13, 20105:30 pmimg 15 Comments

Bwog spotted many new and slightly wondrous things this week…

New and fruity sandwiches at JJ’s.

New and fruity Westside samples! Almond butter with mixed berries and creamy strawberry dip.

Rickshaw Dumpling truck at 116th St and Broadway.

This mysterious new ‘Fast Food’ truck.

Uni café actually open.

Vandalism. What IS up with 2014??

Dosa battles.

Anna Wintour (apparently) on line to see Coriolanus.

can anybody verify? // via wikimedia

Ice hockey games at Lasker Rink, on the east side of Central Park. Take a date!

via Wikimedia

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img November 10, 20105:26 pmimg 9 Comments

Today, the Dosa Wars begin again. This afternoon, two Dosa Carts– VegeNation and the original Dosa cart (without a catchy name)– stood about 25 feet apart on 115th and Broadway. VegeNation has been here since July, but before that, there was the other Dosa truck that mysteriously disappeared one day last March. The original Dosa truck reappeared today.

The owner of the original Dosa truck was politic about his relations with The Other Truck: “he does his work, and I do mine,” he said. The man behind the counter at VegeNation was not pleased about the arrival of the original truck. He told Bwog that the original truck owner “likes to fight.” He also promised new items starting tomorrow without a price increase, and predicted that the other truck owner would “run away” within a few days due to the high cost of parking. The VegeNation owner has been able to avoid those fees because of a garage deal he has.

We’ll keep you posted on the Dosa Dilemma. May the best Dosa win!



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img July 20, 20107:09 pmimg 5 Comments

Bwog was taking its early evening constitutional (not to be confused with our Wednesday afternoon constitutional), enjoying our watermelon parfait weird plastic whatever from Pinkberry (1/2 off watermelon yogurt, 5-7 everyday!) when we noticed something.

It was a mini-truck where the dosa cart used to be. Then we discovered: it was the dosa cart, made into a mini-truck and called “VeggieNation” Vegenation. Wa-hoo!

Today was Vegenation’s first day back at Columbia after some negotiations with a mysterious and bad-sounding man who was making the two Dosa Dudes pay “too much money” for their spot on Broadway between 115th and 116th. That man has since been vanquished, and we are left with VeggieNation (“Eat Your Veggies”) which has an all-vegeterian menu of dosas, rice, uttapams (like a dosa), samosas, a “lunch box special” and a lot of food you wont find close to the Steps, like the Mysore masala dosa with coconut and onion chutneys, lemon and coconut rice, etc.

They also have falafel, which is good, because if there’s one food that’s difficult to find in Morningside Heights, it’s falafel.



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img May 24, 20109:28 pmimg 23 Comments

Amir’s has adjusted to the times; it got a makeover over the weekend and became Maoz. There’s a new green sign, the mirrors are green, the walls and ceilings are green, and there are also some yellow-and-white striped booths, but nevermind those. The falafel also got a little cheaper (from $4.75 for a sandwich to a mere $3.50, now we’re talking Hooda prices) and the store was bustling around 7 PM tonight. Amir’s has survived a Health Department shuttering (eegad, roaches!) in 2008 and many years in Morningside. And the battle rages on! Thanks to John “Shawarma King” Nordin for the photos.



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img April 18, 20102:00 pmimg 2 Comments

Photo via Facebook

The CU Organization of Pakistani Students in collabo with the NYU Pakistani Students Assocation present Hangama, the self-proclaimed “Mock Wedding of the Year,” which will take place today on Low Plaza from 3-5. Alongside the mock wedding and performances from CU Bhangra, CU Raas, Taal, Dhoom and OPS, there will be $7 chicken and rice platters from the infamous 53rd and 6th cart. Bwog will report back with pictures, but make sure to get on that chicken and rice line early– we waited a very worthwhile full hour last year.



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img April 08, 20107:15 pmimg 7 Comments

As the chicken-and-rice connoisseurs among us are sure to have noticed, the Hooda dudes are expanding in a major way. First came a spiffy new cart, and now they’re holding new real estate–they’ve taken over the northeast corner of 114th and Broadway with a second cart. When asked for comment, the proprietor would only say that “the company” gave them another cart. Eat hearty!

Photo by SCS



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img March 09, 20105:15 pmimg 11 Comments

Welcome to Cart Chronicles. Bwog can’t keep track of all the dosa/falafel/street meat carts in a five-block radius of the Gates, and we’re guessing you can’t either. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be giving you a comprehensive tour of the world of Morningside carts. First, we bring you a breaking news update on the New Kid in Town: the Dosa Man. Now, he’s the Second Newest Kid On the Block!

“Too much money this guy wants. I will interview only when I get my own cart,” declared the new Dosa Man when asked if he’d speak to Bwog. While the Dosa man (who shall remain anonymous until his demands for his own spot on Columbia’s happening cart lot are met) was enthusiastic to speak to “the press” about his unique culinary vocation (watch out, Hooda), he informed your cart correspondent that he wants his chronicle to be about his “personal cart”and not the “expensive rental” which he plans wiggle in within the next two weeks. Who knew there was Dosa drama? Either way, make sure to stop by and say hello to this friendly new face on the block with a killer $5 dollar lunch deal. Keep in mind he needs all the support he can get—within the past 48 hours, the market has gotten hot with the new Rice Plate Cart  and the Hot Dog Cart that have found a way to squeeze their competitive capitalist vehicles into the stagnant sixteen feet between the Dosa machine and the 116th gates.

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