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The realization that you're pretty close to becoming an alumnus/swarming some poor dude

The realization that you’re pretty close to becoming an alumnus/swarming some poor dude

Joe Milholland, marquess of Mondays, takes us to the most recent CCSC meeting, where the discussed topics included building a more helpful and effective student-alumni relationship and of course, without fail, Bacchanal. Read on for survey results, interesting quotes, and typical council drama.

“We were invisible. I didn’t even know what it was until I got asked to join it,” said Columbia College Alumni (CCA) Chair Kyra Barry, CC  ’87, about the presence of her organization on campus during her time at Columbia. Barry came to Sunday night’s Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) meeting, where alumni-student interaction was a big topic.

She explained that CCA is an independent body, although “how independent we’ve been waxes and wanes.” It’s been around for 150 years, and the idea for the lion as a mascot came from CCA, as did the idea of gym equipment in dorms. Barry laid out the CCA’s three main focuses: development, engagement, and the state of the college.

“Starting around 2000, we became very, very focused on development,” said Barry. Development for CCA is mostly fundraising. Barry said that Columbia College is ranked highly in many areas besides the number of alumni who give and that the fund from donations goes to things like financial aid and student services.

How alumni want to help, Bacchanal survey results, and more updates after the jump!



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This is the kind of carefree, joyful use of the body that Columbia students are deprived of

This is the kind of carefree, joyful use of the body that Columbia students are deprived of

Monday man Joe Milholland reports on another encounter—more a skirmish than a battle—in the never-ending War on Fun, in addition to delivering a few updates on academic policy. CCSC never fails to delight us! 

“This thing makes me sadder than almost anything else,” said Deantini at Sunday night’s Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) meeting, referring to the lack of fun Columbia students have.

After CCSC President Benjamin Makansi brought up student responses in the Bacchanal survey that said Bacchanal was the one fun day of the year and noted the lack of fun Columbia students had compared to students at peer institutes, Deantini began speculating as to why.

“I actually had fun in college,” he said, noting that this was possible for him even though he was the valedictorian of his class. He suggested the reason was generational, as his son, who attended UChicago and joined a fraternity, didn’t have as much fun as Deantini did.

Fun, or the lack thereof, was one of many topics touched on by Deantini, along with Dean of Undergraduate Student Life Cristen Kromm, as they took questions from the council.


Class of 2016 President Saaket Pradhan asked about requiring lecture courses with mandatory discussion section to be worth 4 credits instead of 3. Deantini mentioned that the state’s minimum standard mandates a minimum of one point per every 50 minute-hour of class, and that administrators have had some successes in convincing departments to up the amount of credits per class.

It gets more (and less) fun after the jump!



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What's going on behind closed doors? Why does she look so incredulous??

What’s going on behind closed doors? Why does she look so incredulous??

Are you tired of hearing CCSC talk about Bacchanal? Us too, though it still stings to have Joe “Monday” Milholland turned away from the discussion on Bacch finances. Still, resolutely, he brings to you all the latest updates on group adjudication (sexy!), Staff Appreciation Week,  the Lenape plaque, and the impossibility (to everyone’s disappointment) of Deantini Martinis. 

Closed Bacchanal Discussion

On Sunday night, the Columbia College Student Council (CCSC), along with representatives from other councils and one representative from Bacchanal, held a discussion about Bacchanal that was closed to the press and outsiders.

After the meeting, Alumni Affairs Representative Daniel Liss told me that they were discussing contract negotiations. “One of the conditions of the contract negotiations is that we can’t publish the amount of money being spent in each contract,” he said.

VP of Finance Sameer Mishra then said to me, “We were basically given two options in terms of artist contracts. There was a debate between two values, one of which was above the F@CU alloted amount.”

What happened when we were allowed in, after the jump



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This morning, an anonymous tipster sent us a message about CCSC’s new website, though to call it a website may be a bit of a stretch. The page is full of cracked-out emoticons, grimace-y pictures of council members, and the default Lorem ipsum that no one’s bothered to change as of yet.

"Possibly about love <3"

“Possibly about love <3″


Is this page an official, CCSC-created site? We wouldn’t put it past our problematic faves, Ben and Viv, to create this headache-inducing layout.

Ben: "I told him to stop."

Ben: “I told him to stop.”

The insanity continues.



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You know when that email bling at 4:23 am, it can only mean.... Ben and Viv.

You know when that email bling at 4:23 am, it can only mean…. Ben and Viv.

This edition of Night in the Life comes in the form of imagined conversations between Benjamin Makansi and Vivek Ramakrishnan–a.k.a. Ben and Viv, your notoriously fearless leaders of CCSC.

10:59 pm
Ben: Oh crap! We forgot to send an email about CCSC!
Viv: Are you sure we did anything this week?
B: I don’t know! All of the meetings are running together…
V: Crap.
B: But we still have to send an email.
V: We do?
B: Yes! It’s one of the few things we promised in our campaign.
V: I don’t think we promised that.
B: We promised meeting minutes!
V: …on Facebook.
B: We didn’t say anything about an email?
V: Nope.
B: I think we still have to send one.
V: Is it in the bylaws?

11:53 pm
V: We’ve been looking for almost an hour. I don’t think it’s in the bylaws.
B: Me neither, but not sending an email would feel…dirty.
V: Fine, we’ll write the damn email.
B: Ok. Good.
V: Did we do anything in CCSC?
B: I told you I can’t remember.
V: Let’s just check the minutes.

Wait… where are the minutes?



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The feel when you've never had a productive meeting with an advisor, probably because of your own failings

The feel when you’ve never had a productive meeting with an advisor, probably because of your own moral failings

Amid confusion and concern, experienced CCSC translator Joe Milholland brings to us the relevant details from this week’s meeting—in particular, the focus on improving academic advising services for students. This probably applies to you!

At Sunday night’s Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) general body meeting, as the council was discussing the Center for Student Advising (CSA) and its relation to the Committee on Academic Standing (CAS), USenator Sean Ryan asked, “Do we know who sits on that [the CAS’s] board?”

“I have no idea,” replied CCSC President Benjamin Makansi.

The council was reacting to student concerns about CSA submitted to them anonymously, one of which dealt with a student who faced difficulties during registration because of CAS. Other council members painted a similarly negative picture of the CAS and its issues with transparency and conflicts of interest; VP of Policy Vivek Ramakrishnan was worried that student advisers who appeared before the CAS were representing their students in front of their co-workers and bosses, and Alumni Affairs Rep Daniel Liss said he once dealt with CAS and he felt at that time that his advisor was just giving him the CAS’s response to his concern.

Suggestions, updates, and more acronyms after the break!



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All the presidents showed up at this week's SGA meeting--Abe Lincoln was a total homie.

All the presidents showed up at this week’s SGA meeting–Abe Lincoln was a total homie.

SGA was a full house last night. Mary-Kate and Ashley were not there, but the presidents from CCSC, ESC, and GSSC were. SGA hosted and allowed the prezes to update us Barnard Bears on a little bit of what has been happening on the other side of Broadway.

CCSC update:

  • The food insecurity initiatives that Columbia has been implementing are in full swing. The emergency meal fund has been approved by campus life: a student can go to JJ’s Place, ask to speak to the manager on duty, and the manager will supply the student with 6 meal vouchers, no questions asked. The Swipes mobile app is functioning as well, and seems to be successful. Unfortunately, as of now, Barnard students cannot participate, but a change of that policy is in the works.
  • CCSC is looking into changing the student advisory system, updating disability accessibility, and subsidizing senior week tickets.
  • Campus life initiatives are extremely important to CCSC president, Benjamin Makansi (“I’m just trying to bring some light heartedness to student government” read: we’re all just here for a good time TBH). Look out for s’mores on Low steps, a pillow fight in Butler, and a silent disco on the plaza.

ESC update:

  • ESC values community respect and is working on changing some of the sexual respect workshops that are required to be taken by students. There are now workshops tailored towards specific subjects. For example, a workshop for male survivors.
  • The committee is looking to expand possibles minors for SEAS students, because obviously engineers are interested in more than just engineering.
  • ESC loves Pawprint snd wants to make it even better with ID scanners!

Read on for GS and SGA info!



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This is the crazy high level 2019 is operating on right now

This is the crazy high level 2019 is operating on right now

Why is Bacchanal consuming our lives? How should we navigate hearings for groups? Why is the Class of 2019 being so darn productive? Man on the ground Joe Milholland answers these questions and more as he reports back from the weekly CCSC meeting, absorbing as ever. The issues are pretty pertinent!

Bacchanal Survey

At the Columbia College Student Council’s (CCSC) Sunday night general body meeting, the council discussed a survey they plan to send out to all undergraduate students at Columbia about this year’s Bacchanal. Council members reviewed a draft of the survey, which included questions on what students liked about Bacchanal, what they thought about the Lion Tamers, if they would be willing to pay for tickets and how much, what the most convenient method to get tickets is, whether having a big-name performer was important, and if they would want Bacchanal to be held at Baker Field instead of Low Plaza.

Included in these questions on the draft was one that asked students if they thought Columbia should have Bacchanal at all – directly asking those taking the survey “Should Columbia Have A Bacchanal This Year?.” The questions highlighted the high cost of Bacchanal, giving responders the option to say they would not like Bacchanal to be held this year and would prefer the money to go to other student events/groups.

Council members made comments on how questions were phrased and displayed on the survey, and Class of 2018 President Ezra Gontownick asked if having Bacchanal at Baker Field would lower its cost. VP of Finance Sameer Mishra replied that Bacchanal didn’t know yet.

Less Bacchanal after the jump



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This news has officially been broken.

This news has officially been broken.

We have just received news that there have been significant changes made to the Columbia College Student Council board. Benjamin K. Makansi, Columbia College Student Body President claims that not only has Oluwaseun Omotunde celebrated his official resignation with “an absolute banger,” but also that Dean Valentini, more affectionately known as “Deantini,” will now be serving as Director of Security. Given Deantini’s history of disorientation, Bwog is hesitant to endorse this decision.

Check out Makansi’s official email below:

“Dear fellow members of the Columbia community:

I write to share with you important changes to the personnel of Columbia College Student Council.

This announcement comes following Oluwaseun “Seun” Omotunde’s resignation as CCSC Directory of Security earlier this semester. Near the end of the summer vacation, Seun informed me that in September he would be vacating his post to assume the position of Intern at Google in Mountain View, California. I officially accepted his resignation on September 12 with an absolute banger in my East Campus townhouse in recognition of his contributions. On behalf of Columbia College, I want to thank Seun for his professional handling of all council-related security arrangements to ensure the safety of our leaders, including the much-needed addition of reconnaissance and black SUV convoys.

Figure out what makes Deantini the best choice next.



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A CC junior agonizing over his application (or you, agonizing over a paper)

A CC junior agonizing over his application (or you, agonizing over that paper you should’ve finished yesterday)

Valiant CCSC reporter Joe Milholland brings you all the information CC juniors need to get a jump start on their careers in student government. (If they’re able to put together a killer application before Saturday, that is.)

On Sunday night, Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) Class of 2017 President Ravi Sinha announced that one of 2017’s representative, Petros Krommidas, had resigned, and a new representative will be appointed soon.

Juniors in Columbia College who want to apply should fill out this form. The deadline is Saturday at noon.

In previous years after such resignations, special elections have been held for students to choose new representatives at the polls. In the Spring of 2014, after 2016 rep Benjamin Kornick resigned, a rare special election was held in the middle of the spring semester.

And in September of 2013, after Cleo Abram resigned early into his term as university senator, an election for the new senator was held in the fall elections, which are usually confined to first-year representatives.

So why is the new 2017 representative being appointed?

That burning question is answered after the break



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Get ready to see a lot of these around campus

Get ready to see a lot of these around campus

For the first time in forever, you’re actually excited about Homecoming! You’re less so about by-laws, but Bwogger Joe Milholland, unmoved, gives you the CCSC recap you need, not the one you deserve.

At the Sunday night Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) meeting, VP of Campus Life Kelly Echavarria announced that this week’s Homecoming activities will include a photo scavenger hunt for inflatable lions hidden around campus. Students who take a picture of themselves with the lions—or the VPs of Campus Life from the 4 undergrad student councils—and enter into the raffle will be eligible to win an Apple Watch or sweaters.

The council also made some more changes to its by-laws. The judicial board committee, which is decided by the senior class president, will be approved by CCSC’s executive board and communicated to the general body—a measure implemented for “transparency,” according to current Senior Class President Saaket Pradham.

Major changes and minor drama up ahead



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The bagels are kind, cheerful, and want you to pass your midterms

The bagels are kind, cheerful, and want you to pass your midterms

Yes, those incredible rumors you heard are true: there are free bagels on campus! Right now! If you drop everything and run over to Carman, there might still be some poppy-seed ones left!

Every year around this time, CCSC hosts Bagelpalooza, a celebration of the most important values of any college experience: talking to new people, the struggle to pull yourself out of bed in the mornings, and free food. They bring the bagels to various Columbia residence halls on different mornings during the fall semester. (You can check out the Facebook event here.) The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, Oct. 8 – Carman
Thursday, Oct. 15 – John Jay
Wednesday, Oct. 28 – Schapiro
Monday, Nov. 9 – EC/Wien
Tuesday, Nov. 24 – McBain
Monday, Dec. 7 – Broadway/Hogan

Today, the bagels will be at Carman until noon. Bagels are advertised to come with free coffee and smiles from your favorite CCSC members.

Happy bagel via Shutterstock



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In the passage from summer to fall, we are plagued by cold weather and CCSC logistical concerns

In the passage from summer to fall, we are plagued by cold weather and CCSC logistical concerns

Ch-ch-changes abound for CCSC and its bylaws…and there’s a dose of classic obliviousness too. Expert Joe Milholland reports back from the jungle of bureaucracy that is student government. 

Along with grammatical changes and lengthy discussions on how long they should allow discussions to run, the Columbia College Student Council made some notable changes to its by-laws on Sunday night – although they will not vote to approve all these revisions until their next meeting.

  • The CCSC president is now only required to send out one email a month, instead of one a week.
  • The Elections Board is now officially funded by CCSC. The by-laws also state the council has to fund the Academic Awards Committee—a rule that lead to confusion at the meeting. Among the council, the only person who had heard anything about the Academic Awards Committee was the VP of Policy Vivek Ramakrishan, who was approached by someone who claimed to be a representative of the committee at the activities fair. This representative said he shared the table with CCSC. According to Ramakrishan, VP of Communications Grayson Warrick, who was previously the Academic Affairs Rep (but was not at Sunday’s meeting), had never heard of the committee. VP of Finance Sameer Mishra is looking into this committee.

More zany happenings after the jump!



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Meet this year's student council!

Meet this year’s student council!

Elections for CC and SEAS first-year class councils, CCSC Inclusion and Equity Representative, and CCSC Class of 2018 Representative took place earlier this week, and the winners have been announced. See the official fall 2015 election results in handy PDF form below. Congratulations to the winners!

2019 CCSC President & Vice President
Josh Schenk and Sophie Broadbent of Pantone 292

2019 CCSC Representatives
Katie Cooke of The Surprise Party
Sam Safari of Pantone 292
Adam Resheff of The Surprise Party

CCSC Inclusion and Equity Representative
Ewoma Ogbaudu

2018 CCSC Representative
Nathan Rosin

2019 ESC President
Arjun Mangla of The Fu Fighters

2019 ESC Vice President
Onur Calikusu of As Easy as A-B-SEAS

2019 ESC Representatives
Aida Lu of The Fu Fighters
Anthony Gutierrez of Draw



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Your survey answers will let the halls of Columbia ring with light and music!

Your survey answers will let the halls of Columbia ring with light and music!

You’ll be glad to know what the most recent CCSC meeting was about, since Bacchanal remains the one thing that keeps you up at night, as you ponder over equality and fairness. Joe Milholland brings you the deets about that and more!

Sunday night, the Columbia College Student Council decided to send out a poll to the student body about student preferences for Bacchanal this year, a poll which will include questions about possible ticket prices. The council will do this in co-ordination with the Bacchanal Committee. While the council already made decisions about Bacchanal last school year, they hope the poll will give them an idea of whether their decisions match student preferences.

VP of Finance Sameer Mishra and VP of Communications Grayson Warrick presented the idea to the council. According to Warrick, the poll will include questions on ticket pricing, what amount of money students would be willing to pay for tickets, the location of Bacchanal, and the Lion Tamers.

Much of the council’s debate came over questions about ticket pricing. Mishra and Warrick plan for the poll to ask if students want to pay for tickets in exchange for more stuff at Bacchanal – such as, potentially, free t-shirts, a higher-costing performer, or more year-round Bacchanal programming. Mishra promised that the poll would state what extras would be available for each increase in ticket pricing.

More updates after the jump!

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