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Now Android users can be "artsy" too

One religion has more holidays than the others, and it’s not Festivus. (Slate)

According to the Supreme Court people just need to suck it up and strip down. (NYT)

Greta Gerwig, a Barnard grad staring in the upcoming film Damsels in Distress, was never that into Columbia frat guys. Maybe she’d prefer Dan Rad? (NY Mag)

The Instagram app has become a source of class warfare, and the aggressors are taking to Twitter. (Daily Beast, Buzzfeed)

College football and basketball players aren’t the only athletes bringing the big bucks to their universities for free. (Freakonomics)


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Update, 12:45 pm: Starbucks on 115th is back in business!

About to head out the door for your morning Starbucks? Hold up! Due to the water issues that have been plaguing the neighborhood as of late, the 115th location is closed indefinitely. O, the misfortune! The perils of a caffeine-less 10 am class! What is there to be done? If only there were another Starbucks three blocks away. If only there were somewhere else on campus to get a cup of coffee. We pity you, dear readers.

Your morning commute just got a block longer



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Bwog’s ever-seasonably dressed Victoria Wills chanced upon this bit of weather-related angst in Hamilton 413.

Famous last words



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The original 99%er

Today, Tunisians will be heading to the polls for the first time since the ousting of Ben Ali, marking the first official election of the Arab Spring. Still, officials are worried of widespread reports of corruption could mar the election’s legitimacy. (Guardian, NYT)

Another day, another celebrity Occupies Wall Street.  This time, it was Katy Perry and Russell Brand. They won’t be the last—it’s rumored the Dark Knight Rises will be filming scenes on Wall Street at the end of the month. (Gothamist, LA Times)

But for all the talk of the economic burdens of the 99%, sometimes we ignore the creative and often absurd ways the 1% have led themselves to financial ruin.  Choice quote: “She does miss one luxury—the Gulfstream. After they defaulted on the $8 million jet loan, the banks seized the plane. The Siegels can use it only occasionally, with the banks’ permission.” A pity. (WSJ)

Warren Buffet isn’t the only one percent-er that’s against tax cuts for the rich: one wealthy Manhattan lawyer filed a lawsuit against a parking tax break he perceived as discriminating against the poor. He lost. (NYT)

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