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According to a very diligent tipster, General Selection appointment times have been posted on StarRez! Possible reactions you may choose to display are pictured at right.





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We’ll answer your esoteric housing questions. Send them to or leave ’em in the comments.

Q:  The Housing website says, “If your group does not select a suite in Suite Selection, your group may opt to stay together and select rooms in General Selection with the same appointment time, or your group may opt to break apart and select rooms in General Selection with appointment times based on your individual point values and lottery number.”

I was under the impression that when you drop from Suite to General Selection, everyone has the same lottery number. Which made me confused about the above statement– wouldn’t we have the same appointment time anyway because we would automatically have the same number? How do we have “individual” point values?

A: When your group leader sets up the group registration in the portal online, he or she will have to choose whether the group will stay together or break up, should you all drop to General Selection.

If the leader chooses the stay together option, you’ll all have the same lottery number AND point value (whatever the average of everyone in the group was) when you enter General Selection.

“This only affects mixed point groups.  Group Members all keep the same Lottery Number when they drop,” says Joyce Jackson, Executive Director of Housing. In other words, if you’re all 30-point rising seniors, and you split into individual General Selection from Suite Selection, you’ll all choose at the same time anyway.

But if you’re in a mixed-value group, your leader can choose the option to break up for General Selection, so each group member would retain the same lottery number, but choose at different times according to original point value.

Still a little unclear? We break it down with just a hint of jargon after the jump.



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How exactly did the prospects for General Selection get so dire Director Guru of Housing and Bwog’s new best friend Joyce Jackson explained that of course “it is always hard to say how many people will drop down to General from Suite Selection.” While she noted that fewer students have been moving off campus in the past two years, it is her belief that the 50 students displaced from the brownstones were “the primary cause of the change.” In an e-mail to Bwog, Jackson wrote:

Because the three brownstones were not assigned prior to selection, those approximately 50 students were also seeking housing in Suite and General Selection, and the 50 spaces they would have been assigned to in the Brownstones were not available for other students to select.

On this note, if there was any confusion among rising Juniors after last week’s post, this has also been clarified by Joyce. She assures us that “a lot” of Juniors will be assigned to singles that become available during the summer, but “some will be assigned to space in the brownstones and University Apartment housing which will be quality doubles and walk through doubles like Watt and Woodbridge.”

You can view a live table of the rooms left for General Selection here.



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UPDATE, 4/9: Housing has posted a list of General Selection times by priority number and by UNI. Go find out how many people pick before you!

UPDATE: General selection appointments have been emailed out, so go fret!

UPDATE: Housing just released a list of of all currently available and already assigned rooms (UNI Required), broken down by building and type!

Housing just revealed that not all juniors will be able to pick into singles in General Selection this year. There are currently 1123 juniors and seniors registered for General Selection and only 987 singles available during General Selection. This means that up to 136 juniors (though more likely 100-120, since not all upperclassmen will pick) will have to pick into the worst blind doubles left over from Suite Selection. Housing stressed, however, that those juniors will be able to get singles through Summer Transfer. The brownstones the frats were kicked out of (approximately 50 beds), graduate housing (at least 60 beds, all near campus), and some Barnard housing (14 beds) will be available for juniors.

The luckiest 40 sophomores (with lottery numbers under 440) will be able to pick into Furnald. Another 20-30 will end up in terrible blind doubles, and the rest (approximately 200) will be put on the Sophomore Waitlist. Those on the list will be transferred into the blind doubles vacated by the juniors when they are transferred into the Brownstones or graduate housing over the summer.

You’re not so fucked actually. Housing assures us that everyone will be given the best housing possible, by seniority. Juniors in particular should not worry if they have to pick a blind double in the McBain shaft during General Selection; they will not be there when September rolls around. Housing also announced that they are hoping to have info sessions to assuage juniors’ fears, hopefully sometime late next week.

In related news, General Selection appointment times will be posted soon.




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The Dream...

Starting at 12 today, those most blessed by the housing gods began logged on to the Star Rez portal at their appointed registration times. The process will continue until 4:27 this afternoon, so make sure not to miss your appointment! You can check your appointment time by UNI or by priority.

Since Columbia will constantly be updating their charts online, we shall not be liveblogging the selection process this time round, although you hardly need us to tell you that Watt is already gone. You can view what rooms are still available here. There’s also this handy video.

Update: According to the Housing website, floor plans are not loading in Firefox, so be sure you can login to pick your room on Chrome, Explorer, Safari, etc.

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