Bwoglines: Old and New Things

The Mets win opener 7-1.

The 96th St subway station’s new entrance has been opened.

Thanks to Columbia, retro vending machines no longer have a home.

Gothamist loves Bwog! They’ve introduced an etiquette guide.

Bwoglines: Comments on Global Women’s Jail-Inspired Playgrounds Edition

Gothamist cites Bwog comments. (So you could be famous!)

HuffPo defends Women’s Studies at Columbia.

The City comes to an agreement to develop Ground Zero. (Times)

Columbia opens ‘Global Centers’ in Mumbai and Paris.

Debate continues over the Jail-themed playground in Brooklyn. (Times)

Former SDS President Mark Rudd on Gothamist

Columbia may have been upstaged last month in the building takeover category by our violet-loving friends to the south. However, we can all rest assured that nostalgia for the halcyon days of Morningside Heights in 1968 will never be crushed by pesky NYU Public Safety officers.

On that note, today Gothamist posted an interview with Mark Rudd, former member of occasional bombmakers Weatherman and, more relevantly, president of the Columbia chapter of SDS. Rudd was expelled from Columbia in 1968 and then joined the Weathermen, aka the Weather Underground, and helped to plan a bombing in the early 70′s of Butler Library, a horror unimaginable to those holed up in 209 at this very moment. Rudd and his fellow Weathermen eventually landed themselves on the F.B.I’s top 10 most wanted list. 

Rudd is currently living in New Mexico and is about to release a book about his experiences as a Weatherman and campus activist in the 1960′s and 70′s. It’s creatively titled Underground, and retails for the quite capitalist price of $25.99. The Gothamist interview touches on his childhood and upbringing in the suburbs of New York, the Ayers/Obama controversy, and his thoughts about the progression of New York City throughout the last few decades. He describes his book as a “story of good organizing (Columbia) followed by bad (Weathermen).” (Photo via gothamist.com)


QuickSpec – Navelgazing edition

sdfYeah, we’re Establishment now… fuck.

Quite possibly better news than Chipotle

Alternatively, we could hire chauffeurs.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA we love Ben Grosghal.

And a little from the outside world…

Bollinger dishes to Observer, avoids Biden fumble

Gothamist on wheatpaste

CUCRs one-upped by the NYU Republicans

We’re not in Lynchburg anymore, Johnny

Gothamist is reporting that lefty New School students are doing a much better job protesting John McCain in his last commencement stop of the year than we did. Where was Columbia’s 1,000-signature petition?

They even care about it in India!

And no, that’s not the ceremony. Bwog is just still confused by the orange theme.

A Love Letter

Gothamist, the Bwog will have Butler Sex with you anytime, any stack. Now, are you coming to our party?

Time Lapse Video of College Walk in the Snow

Gothamist points the way to some snow videos, including a time lapse one of College Walk.

Poke around a little and you can find an entire page of Columbia time lapse videos, all seemingly shot from Butler, including a
nice sunrise, and the fastest graduation you will ever see.

Update: Thanks to “Seth Low” for pointing out that the date of the video is a little questionable. At least we know now that Columbia is no longer recording our every trek to class.

And We Kind of Like Lerner, Too

Oh, snap! Gothamist hates on Barnard’s new student center. We don’t think it’s that ugly– do you?

Wait a minute… we don’t have a pre-law major!

Marvel Comics and the Travel Channel have put out together a Superhero’s Guide to New York City which includes our fair Columbia. Doesn’t answer the question whether Daredevil and Spiderman ever bumped into each other, though.
(Hat tip: Gothamist)

Because We Play Nice

Gothamist discovers the Splogs

And, yes, we’ve decided to re-christen the Spec Blogs the Splogs. Any objections?