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img February 26, 20165:03 pmimg 1 Comments

Just your average Bwog meeting back in '07 (!!!)

Just your average Bwog meeting back in ’07 (!!!)

In the latest installment of our ongoing series of EIC reflections in celebration of Bwog’s big birthday, our second-ever Editor-in-Chief, Lydia DePillis, remembers life back when Gmail was new. Lydia remained a journalist, and now works for the Washington Post.

Few things have made me feel older than the realization that Bwog, this little project we started in the basement of St. Paul’s chapel in the early spring of my freshman year, just hit double digits.

Struggling to bring shape to the mental miasma it’s become, I searched “Bwog” in my Gmail, and clicked back through 14,950 emails to March 30, 2006, a few months after the founding, which is when I got Gmail (previous UNI-based correspondence is lost to history). On the way there, I breezed past controversies, faux-controversies, painfully naive exhortations, torrents of free food tips, and a fair amount of wrangling about how this new operation of ours ought to be run.

The thing is, there weren’t really any rules back then in the early days of the consumer internet. Lots of us had gone through formal news training at Spectator and wanted to stick to basic journalistic ethics, but we moved faster than Spectator and trafficked in gossip — the models we had to follow were Gawker, Gothamist, and TMZ. The authorities didn’t know what to do with a publication that would report the news and poke fun at them at the same time. We had multiple meetings with administrators and student leaders demanded to know: What are you exactly?

What was Bwog, exactly?



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img April 06, 201010:03 amimg 7 Comments

The Mets win opener 7-1.

The 96th St subway station’s new entrance has been opened.

Thanks to Columbia, retro vending machines no longer have a home.

Gothamist loves Bwog! They’ve introduced an etiquette guide.



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img March 23, 20093:09 pmimg 2 Comments

Columbia may have been upstaged last month in the building takeover category by our violet-loving friends to the south. However, we can all rest assured that nostalgia for the halcyon days of Morningside Heights in 1968 will never be crushed by pesky NYU Public Safety officers.

On that note, today Gothamist posted an interview with Mark Rudd, former member of occasional bombmakers Weatherman and, more relevantly, president of the Columbia chapter of SDS. Rudd was expelled from Columbia in 1968 and then joined the Weathermen, aka the Weather Underground, and helped to plan a bombing in the early 70’s of Butler Library, a horror unimaginable to those holed up in 209 at this very moment. Rudd and his fellow Weathermen eventually landed themselves on the F.B.I’s top 10 most wanted list. 

Rudd is currently living in New Mexico and is about to release a book about his experiences as a Weatherman and campus activist in the 1960’s and 70’s. It’s creatively titled Underground, and retails for the quite capitalist price of $25.99. The Gothamist interview touches on his childhood and upbringing in the suburbs of New York, the Ayers/Obama controversy, and his thoughts about the progression of New York City throughout the last few decades. He describes his book as a “story of good organizing (Columbia) followed by bad (Weathermen).” (Photo via




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img May 19, 20066:29 pmimg 10 Comments

Gothamist is reporting that lefty New School students are doing a much better job protesting John McCain in his last commencement stop of the year than we did. Where was Columbia’s 1,000-signature petition?

They even care about it in India!

And no, that’s not the ceremony. Bwog is just still confused by the orange theme.



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img February 13, 20061:08 pmimg 4 Comments

Gothamist points the way to some snow videos, including a time lapse one of College Walk.

Poke around a little and you can find an entire page of Columbia time lapse videos, all seemingly shot from Butler, including a
nice sunrise, and the fastest graduation you will ever see.

Update: Thanks to “Seth Low” for pointing out that the date of the video is a little questionable. At least we know now that Columbia is no longer recording our every trek to class.



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img February 07, 200611:53 amimg 6 Comments

Oh, snap! Gothamist hates on Barnard’s new student center. We don’t think it’s that ugly– do you?



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img February 05, 20063:09 pmimg 0 Comments

Marvel Comics and the Travel Channel have put out together a Superhero’s Guide to New York City which includes our fair Columbia. Doesn’t answer the question whether Daredevil and Spiderman ever bumped into each other, though.
(Hat tip: Gothamist)



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img February 04, 200612:43 pmimg 6 Comments

Gothamist discovers the Splogs

And, yes, we’ve decided to re-christen the Spec Blogs the Splogs. Any objections?

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