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Fast approaching

Rejoice!  Appointment times for In-Person Selection have been revealed!  Or at least, that’s what we assume from the email we got from Housing, because StarRez Portal is, as usual, having a meltdown.  This number doesn’t tell you much–other than if you have an excuse to skip class or need to wake up stupid early.  Remember to assign a “proxy” (this could be someone in your group) if you really can’t make it to the appointment.

We’ll see you next week in John Jay Lounge with music, candy, hugs, and invasive questions for our liveblog.  If you have any questions, feel free to email us at housing@bwog.com


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Just like this

In case you haven’t heard (read: you haven’t heard, but) registration opens tomorrow for the 2013 housing process.  In preparation for this, we boiled down the housing process as concisely as we could to help you understand WTF anything is.  Please feel free to ask further questions in the comments–and upperclassmen, please share wisdom–or email us at housing@bwog.com.

Of note: The traditional “Suite Selection” has been retitled “In-Person Group Selection” while “General Selection” is now “Online Selection.” Literal naming–wordy but effective!

  1. Registration (March 6th-14thEveryone registers on the housing portal. You can either do In-Person Group Selection with 1 to 7 other people (so groups of 2-8) or go straight to Online Selection. If you opt for In-Person Group Selection, you get to participate in Online Selection with the same lottery number if you decide not to make a room choice during In-Person Group Selection or if there is no suite available for your group size. Each group must have a person picked as the “coordinator” to act as a point person.  Feel free to make up an inappropriate name.
  2. Numbers (Mar. 25th–though history has shown to check earlier): Lottery and priority numbers are assigned. Each group (In-Person) or person (Online) is assigned a priority number and a lottery number. Priority: 10 = rising sophomore, 20 = rising junior, 30 = rising senior (based on the semester you started at Columbia, not on your current standing). For a group, the group priority is the average of all the group members’ priorities (i.e. a group of 2 sophomores and 2 juniors would have a priority number of 15). Lottery numbers are assigned to each group in In-Person Group Selection and each individual in Online Selection at random from 1-3000. They are independent of priority numbers. Read on for more housing instructions



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Keep dreaming, folks.

Keep dreaming, folks.

As per tradition, every week we at Bwog leave our meeting at the SGO every Sunday and go straight to Butler. You’d think we’d be studying, but we’re just annoying everyone who is.

This week, we covered the issue that is(n’t) on everyone’s mind: housing. We asked, “Housing selection starts in 3 days. How do you feel about that?” Here are some of our responses.

  • Girl eating a salad on the 2nd floor: To be honest, I don’t know anything about it. I really need to do some research into it, I have no idea even how it works or what to do.
  • Girl in a Columbia sweatshirt, enthusiastically: I’m an RA! Suck it!”
  • Senior eating under the front painting: “It kinda makes me feel like I wish I had more time here…”
  • Guy on the fourth floor: “Wait it starts in three days? Jesus Christ. Like we have to know, know?”
  • Guy on the fourth floor: “I didn’t even know that was happening…”
  • Guy on the fourth floor: “Um…I’m good how are you? Oh wait about housing? Everything is confusing to me.”
  • Two girls studying in 310: “Uhhhh, I’m a senior.” “And I’m studying abroad.”
  • Stressed girl in the ref room: OH FUCK!”
  • Girl in ref room: “I’m a senior, but I’m so happy that I’m done with the killing each other drama of housing.”
  • Guy in 308 who didn’t seem to understand what we meant by housing at first/might be GS:
    “I’m not very content where I’m at right now. I think I’m going to look for some place downtown.”
  • Girl in ref room: “I don’t really know yet. I want a single but I don’t know my options…”
  • Probably a Barnard girl: Well I think housing is different and far superior for Barnard students.”
  • Peacoated girl: Three days? I don’t have a roommate yet, I’m freaking the fuck out.”
  • Guy with lots of buttons: “I have so many other things on my mind that I just don’t even give a shit.”

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The battle begins

Prepare yourself for battle — Housing Selection 2013 approaches! The only time when you can observe the entire range of human emotion (from hopeless weeping to ecstatic joy) without ever having to go farther than the John Jay Lounge. The epic journey starts today with a Room Selection Information Session at 6 p.m. in the John Jay Lounge. Housing will attempt to explain the process from start to finish (not possible, no one can ever truly understand Housing) and answer any questions you may have (too many questions for one session). Building Tours start next Wednesday, February 27 from 8 to 9:30 p.m.

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Realistic depiction of how no elevators look at 4 am on a Saturday

If you and 20ish of your closest friends have always dreamed of having a giant common room/basement/stairwell to call your own, the time has finally come to put yourselves at the mercy of the Brownstone Committee. Applications to live in the space for the 2013-2014 school year are officially open.

These brownstones, formerly occupied by frats that lost housing after Operation Ivy League, were open to General and Suite Selection for the upcoming 2012-2013 year. But starting this Fall, the Committee will screen applications and decide who gets to call each brownstone home for the following school year. The team is led by Dean Martinez, and includes students from CC and SEAS.

For more details and the application link, check out the Student Affairs site.

Confusingly not an image of the actual brownstones via Wikimedia Commons

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