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img January 26, 20133:17 pmimg 3 Comments

Here’s your Saturday afternoon pick-me-up via a fellow student: Abigale Wyatt, GS, is a young officer candidate who was featured in”Breaking Through The Brass Ceiling,” a video from the New York Times. In the video she discusses the implications of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s recent announcement that the Obama administration would be lifting the military policy that prevented women from serving in combat roles. She goes on to discuss what it means to her to be a woman in the military. Let the inspiration influence you to get some work done today.



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img September 10, 201111:12 amimg 1 Comments

Unexpected acts: On Thursday night, NYU held a “mystery concert” (featuring Flying Lotus, Gang Gang Dance, and Light Asylum) which got rave reviews. At Columbia, we still have to plan our concerts months in advance. (NYULocal)

Unexpected calendars: Forget firemen. Now you can check out hot New York City bus drivers and semi-famous Republican women. (NYDN, Clare Booth)

Unexpected places with animals: A pet cat waiting to be put on a flight with its owner escaped into JFK airport. Meanwhile, this bird in a crowded mall tried to go down an “up” escalator. (CityRoom, Jezebel)

Unexpected radio hosts: Former governor David Paterson now has his own radio talk-show on AM 710. Unsurprisingly, he likes his new job more than his old one.

Unexpected food: Weeds that grow downtown and taste like gasoline apparently make good guacamole. (CityRoom)

Unexpected Columbia roommates: Azar served in Iraq with his “battle buddy,” Alex, until Alex was badly wounded and taken out of the country for medical treatment. After a tour in Afghanistan, Azar enrolled in GS and encouraged Alex to do so as well. Now they’re roommates. (NYT)

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img February 16, 20118:14 pmimg 31 Comments

The University Senate released an online survey this evening aimed to gauge student opinion on the subject of military presence at Columbia. There are general questions about the military’s relationship with Columbia, and there is a question that directly asks: I ______ of a return of ROTC to Columbia’s campuses.

You can access the survey via their web page and log in with your UNI (however, they stress the survey is anonymous). It starts tonight at 8pm and will be open until next Thursday, February 24 at 11:59pm.

Read the questions after the jump…




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img February 05, 20104:22 pmimg 12 Comments

Bwog tipsters noted the juxtaposition of Marine recruiters and medical marijuana advocates on the ramps yesterday:




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img December 12, 20083:15 pmimg 44 Comments

This evening, running from 6 – 8 p.m. in Butler, Columbia is unveiling a war memorial to “honor those Columbians who gave their lives in service to the United States.” The memorial will include a plaque (seen at right) in the entrance to Butler, and an interactive kiosk that will allow students to see the names of Columbians who have fallen while serving in the armed forces.

The kiosk’s site is available online as well, including a list of deceased, brief entries on Columbia’s involvement with American wars, and a list of military-related ‘points of interest’ on campus. Bwog highly recommends it for procrastination.

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