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As many Columbia students know, things can get pretty wild on the weekends. Disoriented by the night’s revelry, up can become down, and climbing on top of a vertical slab of metal may seem like a good idea. Or could these be the stirrings of a new coning subculture, vying for a breath of life on an otherwise dreary plaza?

You be careful up there, you hear?



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img March 25, 20099:02 amimg 2 Comments

 -Photo courtesy of CityRoom

Every ArtHum student knows that St. John the Divine is a goldmine for statues, painting, and generally beautiful stuff. But even if you’re not an old hand at looking at old pretty things, it’s certainly worth taking a walk down the street to see St. John’s new additions to the displayed collection.


The two newcomers, both 16 ft. long 17th century tapestries, now hang above eye level in the North and South transepts. They are both part of the Barberini collection, named for the cardinal who commissioned them as a gift for Pope Urban VIII.

The tapestries, titled “Agony in the Garden” and “The Crucifixion” are meant to convey a theme of struggle, relating to both the season of Lent, which ends in a few weeks, and the fire of 2001 that left the church and its art under the wraps of renovation for seven years.

But even if you don’t feel the pain and penitence welling up, the fine detail and expertly restored colors of the tapestries, particularly in “The Crucifixion” will strike you immediately. And for such a Met-like experience, you won’t even have to use a MetroCard ride.



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img August 27, 20088:38 amimg 16 Comments

Bwog followed the Class of 2012 to one of NSOP’s headline events, After Hours at the Met.
From the overly large museum, freshman correspondent Will Leonard reports.

Before they could arrive at the hallowed destination, 2012ers had to deal with the double danger of novice New Yorkers: Metrocard machines, and getting across Manhattan on the subway. With only a few casualties, mobs of 2012ers made their way down to 5th Avenue for the second major event of NSOP 2008: an evening cocktail party and gallery showing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Most of the students from the four schools made it out, accompanied by their oddly sleepy RAs and overly perky Orientation leaders. 2012ers were welcomed into the Grand Hall of the Met by stern security guards and even sterner catering staff, who distributed meager amounts of gummy bears and M&Ms to the mingling freshmen. As they sipped their so-called mocktails, 2012ers engaged in small talk at their cocktail tables. Topics of discussion included upcoming parties on Carman’s 11th floor and the long lines for food in the now “trayless” John Jay Dining Hall. “An environmentally friendly dining hall for freshmen? That’s just AWESOME,” one freshman declared.


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