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img December 08, 201111:18 amimg 24 Comments

UPDATE: Athletics has confirmed that Pete Mangurian will coach Columbia football next year. He has an impressive track record at Cornell, Stanford, LSU and with the NFL.

Notoriously un well-versed in sports, we were intrigued by the financial details of Columbia’s football team, detailed yesterday in the Times:

  • The head coach of the football team is paid somewhere around $250,000 a year. This is comparable to senior administrators and faculty. The average salary for Columbia’s 14 men’s coaches is $94,000.
  • Last year, PrezBo’s salary was $1.5 million, 6.9 times the median professor salary of $222,000, including benefits. This was a 13% decrease from his previous year’s pay.
  • For comparison, John Sexton of NYU earned roughly the same, while Harvard’s Drew Faust, received $875,000 (a 6.4 % increase), and Princeton awarded its president, Shirley Tilghman, $911,000,(a 3.4 % increase).
  • For further comparison, tOSU just hired a new coach on the terms of $4 million annually, and the use of a private jet.
  • The annual expenses of the football team come in around $2.6 million.
  • Two of Columbia’s major donors have made big gifts to Athletics in recent years. Willaim V. Campbell, chairman of the Board of Trustees, pledged $10 million, and Robert K. Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, pledged $5 million. Both played football at Columbia.
  • Columbia’s football team has only played five winning seasons since 1956.



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img April 13, 20109:34 amimg 6 Comments

Congratulate yourself on living in the 46th most desirable neighborhood (out of 50) in NYC. (NY Mag)

The Pulitzer Prize winners are announed

Our profs make second most $$$ (NYT)

The Knicks win penultimate game of the season

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img August 05, 20087:19 amimg 41 Comments has just released a ranking of the best Ivy League Schools in terms of post-Bachelors salaries. Let’s see how Columbia stacked up. Why look, it’s last, dead last. Topping the list is Dartmouth (fraternities), followed by Princeton (eating clubs) and Yale (collective ennui?). 


As one Bwog staffer points out: “This says a lot more about the profile of students who go to these schools than how much the schools help them.

People like me who aren’t going to make a lot of money are gonna drag the average down even though people from Columbia can still make that cash if they go into a profitable field.”

See how SEAS and Barnard stack up after the jump.


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