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Boringside: You Maybe Noticed These

New signs! Citi was on fire (you probably noticed that one)! The Heights is out of action for a “couple of weeks at least, maybe a couple of months” according to Spec

Bwoglines: Welcome Back Edition
Bwog cares enough about you to take this iPhone pic of campus.

Bwog cares enough about you to take this iPhone pic of campus.

Forget how to eat pizza over break? Jon Stewart’s here to refresh your memory. (Time)

Forget how to walk across the street? The NYPD want to make sure you’re not jaywalking. (Gothamist)

Forget life exists above 125th? Columbia just opened a nature reserve in Inwood. (The Real Deal)

Forget that the Super Bowl is coming to New York (okay, the stadium is in Jersey, but still)? Here’s a guide (to blowing all of your cash) to a sports-tastic Super Bowl weekend. (Forbes)

Dear Bwog: Emotional Cheating
So close and yet so far

So close and yet so far

In our ongoing attempt to be your best friend/gossip magazine, we bring you the latest installment in People Who Tip Bwog For Relationship Advice. Tonight, the ever-pesky problem that is “emotions.”

Dear Bwog,

Do you consider emotionally cheating a real thing? If you are in a relationship, and you have some kind of ongoing emotional thing (no sex) with another person, are you considered a cheater?

Dear Breaksgiver (we’re making an educated guess here),

Doesn’t asking Bwog answer your question already? An emotional relationship or a real relationship (whatever that is nowadays) might very well be one and the same thing. After all, shouldn’t all relationships be based on emotions first and foremost (love, hate, like, dislike, and so on)? The only non-relationship, really, is indifference. Now, are you indifferent?

In the context of a romantic relationship; feelings are feelings and though some might be actualized through gestures such as “hooking up” (whatever the hell that means), others may not. But that most definitely does not make them less real.

Though Bwog failed to post advice on Breaksgiving (as Bwog was having a break (up) itself), maybe it’s time to reconsider one of your two relationships. If you feel that one of your two emotional relationships is more powerful, stick to it…or switch to it, depending on your decision!

It might very well be possible to have feelings for two (or more?!) individuals, and whether you pick Jacob, Harry, or Rob Pattinson is up to you. Bwog’s pulling for Team Jennifer Lawrence. Follow your heart, but as of now, it sounds like we both know you are cheating in some metaphysical way. And yes, that counts.

Peace and choose well.

Bwog, single and loving it.

It ain’t gotta be like that via Shutterstock

Bwog Asked: Cravings
We feel ya

We feel ya

Happy Sunday night! For the first time this semester, Bwog trooped over to Butler to ask random and personal questions to the brave/academically dedicated souls who were already spending their evenings there. (Full disclosure: Bwog hasn’t been to a library this year except to buy a Naked smoothie.) We asked the people, “What are you craving?” Responses — the first of many — below.


  • “Sushi.”
  • “Chocolate.”
  • “Muffins from downstairs.”
  • “Vanilla milkshake.”
  • “I’m really set right now actually, I feel full.”
  • “Maybe chai tea?”
  • “Pizza.”
  • “Water.”
  • “Like, anything? Food. I’m pretty hungry.”
  • “Food—I haven’t eaten yet. I’m at the point where it doesn’t matter what it is, but a Belgian waffle would be nice.”
  • “Chocolate…”
  • “S’mores.”
  • “Maybe gum?”
  • “Lebanese food… I haven’t had good Arab food since I left.”
  • “There’s a chicken caesar wrap from Milano in my mini-fridge and I’m dying to eat it. It’s so close and yet so far.”
  • Man behind the counter in Butler Coffee Shop: “Coffee.”
  • Guy: “Food?” Bwog: “Any specific kind of food?” Guy: “I guess a burger, since we’re going to a bar after…”

Not food:

  • “To go to sleep [or] to have more time in my schedule.”
  • “Bubble bath and soft music.”
  • “Craving? Nothing. I’m content.”
  • “World peace.”
  • *thinks* “To see someone, I think…”
  • “A couch.”
  • “Air conditioning in Wien.”
  • “Honestly, a manicure.”
  • Woman behind the counter in Butler Coffee Shop (through the translation of the aforementioned man): “Home…and…peace.”
  • Security guard at the door: “Peace and quiet.”

Happiness and not studying via Wikimedia

SEAS Alum Tells It Like It Is
arr matey

If only that key existed

No matter what your experience has been with CCE, we’re sure that at least once in your illustrious career here, you’ve complained about it.  Shudipto Rahman, SEAS’13, found Columbia’s Center for Career Education much less than helpful.  When they sent him a follow-up email this summer, asking to fill out a Graduating Student Survey, Shu sent a helluva response back, begging CCE to work harder with current undergrads:

Hi Laura,

I understand that you like to keep tabs on your students in their careers after graduation, but considering how unhelpful I found CCE to be in finding positions relating to my actual field of study (ie. not Finance, Consulting, or CompSci) I really would appreciate if you stopped sending me emails.

Focus on your current undergrads instead. There are so many Civil Engineering firms and municipal departments in the City that need engineers that Columbia students have no idea about. For example, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection had about 8 full-time entry level positions in the Spring that were open to Civil/Environmental Engineers and I didn’t know until the application date for the the Civil Service examination (necessary to pass in order to be considered as an applicant) had already passed. This is despite having a Professor who works directly for the DEP.

Don’t worry about my situation. I found out the hard way about the limitations of our Career Services Center and I’ve learned from the job search process how to hustle on my own. But a new crop of naive and inexperienced students just showed up at your door and it would be a true failing of such a well-endowed, well-respected, and well-connected school to allow more students to stumble into my shoes.


Shudipto Rahman
Columbia University ’13
Civil Engineering

The offending CCE email

Here’s Looking At You, Kids

Registration is open, the freshpeople are settling in, and the sun is sort of shining. Convocation’s cancellation means the lawns are more luscious than ever, so go loll about while you can. Here’s to another splendid and occasionally trying year. We missed you very much!

Thanks to tipster Alan Crosswell, of CUIT fame, for this majestic image of a Hartley window.


Bwoglines: Welcome Home Edition

Hawkma and former flame ride the wings of love

The latest in New York City hawk drama: Lola, one member of the red-tail hawk power couple, has flown the coop. Meanwhile Pale Male is canoodling with a younger chick. We trust Hawkma’s soaring above all the scandal. (NYPost)

Whoah! We beat Cornell?! Major Kudos to men’s B-ball. (Spec)

Apparently we’re “academically adrift.” In a new study, social scientists prove that most college students learn virtually nothing—display no improvement “in critical thinking and complex reasoning”—after 2 years of school. Columbia Sociology Prof, Shamus Khan, responds ominously in GOOD Magazine: “College is a place where already advantaged youths spend four years enjoying themselves, and upon completion, they receive considerable rewards for having done almost nothing.” (more…)

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Reunited And It Feels So Good

As you surf the interweb while nurturing your first Friday Night Hangover of the semester,  Bwog’s Saturday Morning Cartoons offers you a giggle that hopefully will not bounce your belly too hard.

Cartoon by Abigail Santner

This Time, We’ll Let Famous Deli Do the Talking

Bwoglines: Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back Edition

Our pal James is at it again, this time guesting on 30 Rock and totally destroying our long-held ideas on celebrity.  Subversion! (Hulu)

CU prof Ilan Meyer testified in the federal Proposition 8 trial, and said that Prop. 8 would adversely affect the health of the gay community.  Your faculty: on the right side of history! (Gothamist)

Your faculty: also typecast as liberal. (New York Times)

Identity fraud! Intrigue! The word “manhunt,” even! IMPOSTORS WALK AMONG US! (Rolling Stone)

Debunked: the mystifying history and suggested use of the “emergency brake” on subway cars. (New York Times)

And the New York Jets, improbably but delightfully, are one win away from the Super Bowl.  They’ll play the Indianapolis Colts this weekend. (New York Times)