ratsWell, friends, it seems that John Jay is infested with much larger, much blacker, much furrier pests than those of yesteryear—those being the famed bedbugs. Bwog recently received several pictures of pestilence countermeasures deployed throughout John Jay and the cafeteria’s back room.

Bwog also speaks to its janitors on occasion. Last time, Bwog asked what the evil smell emanating from behind
rats3Bwog’s broken stove was; the janitor suggested that there was perhaps a dead rat back behind there, in the electronics—yes, a dead, stinking rat which had wriggled its way into a cozy nest of wires and nearly gutted the whole suite with cleansing gas-fueled fire. Supposedly, this isn’t something to raise eyebrows over, these days. Bwog knows its janitor wasn’t raising his.

rats2In other housing news, the 12th floor of EC should be ashamed of itself. Housing and Dining reports that fourth incident of ‘careless cooking’ has been declared by the FDNY, which, in Bwog’s opinion, is probably beginning to think Columbia students are conspiring against it. At least, this time, they haven’t published the suite number. Bwog speculates that this this omission is intended to slow the formation of a fifth column of anar-cookery specialists.

Thanks to tipster Yadira Alvarez for having her camera phone ready.