New Cafe in town: Chokolat Patisserie

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3111 Broadway between 122nd and 123rd

kjhhMorningside Heights has a new spot to satisfy your sweet tooth. Chokolat Patisserie, long a shuttered storefront, opened within the last month in the beyond-Barnard, downhill stretch of Broadway (although its website is still under construction).  If you’re looking for a Hungarian substitute to hunker down and study, Chokolat is probably not the place for you: it’s tiny, with just four bar stools assembled around a meager counter top. But when it comes to food, the newcomer will beat its bohemian cousin hands down every time, with an impressive array of delectable breakfast pastries, cakes, pastries, tarts, breads and other goodies. Cakes and pies come in individual servings as well as full-sized. And the best part is, the prices aren’t ridiculous – I paid $1.75 for a lemon raspberry muffin, perhaps one of the best I’ve tasted. In addition, their coffee is delicious, though their tea selection may be lacking. Stop by for a snack and some coffee to warm up and help this establishment stay open! Open M-F from 7:30am to 10, and Saturday and Sunday from 8-11.

– Downing Bray

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  1. yum  

    their brownies are amazing too...and only $1.00! they also come served hot :)

  2. Hey bwog...

    You listed "pastries" twice.

  3. Targeting

    those fat, ugly Columbia hogs

  4. hey 'Hey bwog'  

    it was breakfast pastries and pastries. 2 different things.

  5. actually bwog,  

    ITS OPEN TILL 9:30 ON SUNDAYS. i should know better than to rely on bwog as a source for accurate information. >=O

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