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and Bwog tipsters have told us (xoxo) that the CW show/fashion plate “Gossip Girl” is currently filming near “Earl Hall.” For those of you hoping to catch some spoilers, the popular show is apparently only filming “exterior shots,” which normally do not include cast members. Still, it could include some B-roll footage of cast members and there are at least a few cast members present, so fans might have a shot at meeting them. It’s unclear how much longer they’ll be filming (or if this is the only time the show will be shooting here). We haven’t been able to snap any photos of famous celebrities (or the crew, we guess), but if you have any, send them along to [email protected] and we’ll update the post to include them.

Photos from Just Jared, and fearless photojournalist Miram Schachter’s shots of the action — plus plot details! — after the jump.

Apparently Columbia is supposed to be Yale — sounds like senior year of high school, eh? Also, filming is going to continue at “a bar on Amsterdam” later today. 

The blog Just Jared is on the scene as well, and has about 15 photos for your stalking, including these first two.

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  1. [email protected]?  

    just sent in some photos after watching them film for an hour and a half. i already know i need to get a hobby or something, so no need to make fun

  2. Columbia Guy  

    I've never heard of this show.

  3. fuck this  

    these people need to go fuck themselves and let me out of dodge

  4. Street signs  

    on Amsterdam and 116th say no parking for GG both today and tomorrow, so I would assume they'll be here all day tomorrow as well.

  5. oh?

    "Apparently Columbia is supposed to be Yale"

    Jeez that hurts.

  6. ugh!

    CU admin should not allow people to film on campus if they are going to turn around and act as if they are at another university. It would be a way to get Columbia some more press (not like we need anymore Gossip Girl followers)

    • problem is

      ...the administration's policy is the exact opposite of that.

    • mmNo

      Actually...Columbia has a stick up its ass about who is allowed to use its name. They review scripts and usually don't allow anyone to use it.

      I don't know how Spiderman I and II got to use it, because they do this to avoid "negative portrayals" and I'm not sure how being bitten by a radioactive spider while on a field trip at CU is positive. I guess there's that whole turning-into-spiderman thing which is sorta positive. Oh and while Peter went here in II, so did that psycho villian Doc Oc, so I don't know what criteria they use exactly.

      Point being, Columbia makes no sense. They should get over themselves and just let people throw the name around. I don't see other ivies getting their knickers in a twist about casual use of their name or main characters as students.

      • EAL  

        I agree. I mean, even Dartmouth allows its name to be used in Superbad, which doesn't help the school's image unless it's trying to attract more awkward, misfit high-schoolers.

        Cornell allows its name to be associated with one Andrew Bernard of Dunder Mifflin Paper, and Lord knows THAT certainly doesn't help their image.

        I've never seen Penn mentioned in a movie. They're the Ivy League school that everyone seems to ignore.

        • umm...

          Freedom of Speech. The schools can't do anything about it if the movie/shwow's not being filmed at the school.

          Actually, there's a Mexican crime/drug lord/mayor on Weeds right now that's supposed to be a Columbia graduate.

          • ...  

            it's called copyright dude. welcome to the real world...

            speaking of which, searching the uspto database for trademarks registered to "columbia university" brings back some rather awesome results. i highly recommend it.

  7. #9 explained it

    cash 4 lawnz. lyk duh.

  8. er I meant

    comment # 8. sorry, typo.

  9. anonymous

    Apropos of nothing, whenever anyone wants to complain about gentrification, show them this:

    • hey, but, but...

      but it was gritty and real man. crushing poverty, crime, the omnipresence of crack, and crumbling infrastructure is better than hipsters in williamsburg and yuppies in park slope! down with gentrification, etc!

      • Wow

        Yeah, a choice between the grittiness soul-crushing poverty of 1980's New York, and the soul-crushing pseudo-poverty any normal New Yorker feels now at the prospect of not being able to afford an apartment anywhere, even on a salary that most would deem excessive in comparison to the rest of the world...

        ...And crime, dirty streets, and drug addiction are still going on here. It's just that you have to pay $10 million for the privilege of looking down on it all from the top of your skyscraping luxury condo in your "hip" but still secretly pretty shitty neighborhood.

        Neither one of these extremes is a living, and neither one of them makes New York a city that anyone could even remotely learn to love.

        It's over.

        • ...

          quite frankly, i think the most annoying thing about living in a city is listening to the same tired observations that everyone makes when they first arrive.

          1) wow. transportation is different. you don't have to have a car. the subway/streetcar/flying-saucer system is amazing.

          2) actually.. public transit kinda sucks.

          3) gentrification, gentrification, gentrification! ZOMG!

          4) i like bikes. i'm so countercultural...

          5) ZOMG critical mass...

          6) you know, maybe we are the gentrifiers...

          7) actually, critical mass is counter productive and full of a bunch of tools just looking for an excuse to be toolish.

          8) i hate this fucking place and all it's inhabitants.

          9) oh hey look, now i have children. am i going to move to the burbs like any sensible human being? NO, i'm going chase and ram fucking pedestrians with my loaded stroller.

          10) see you at whole foods!

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah, and one of those first few pictures is of a rusted and broken down car just a few blocks from the old WTC.

    • ...

      looks like the TL in san francisco, circa 1998.

  10. superhero

    hey, at least we have superman. that kicks gossip girls ass any day

  11. but....

    one of the characters in the series goes to Columbia.

    ...I'm going to pretend I didn't know that.

  12. oh please

    oh go fuck yourselves.

    the movie "21" filmed at Boston University and the movie chronicles students from MIT. Get your ivy league heads out of your pretentious asses, please.


  13. also  

    They're filming night at the museum II outside the museum of natural history right now.

  14. There's also

    a story about this crazed Serbian war-lord accused of crimes against humanity who apparently has a graduate degree from Columbia. Oh wait, that was real.

    • EAL  

      That crackpot's barking up the wrong tree. He should be suing Barnard.

      Or better yet, maybe he will find that Columbia's plight is a result of Barnard corrupting its students with man-hating feminist dogma. At which point, the court will order Columbia University to end its ties to Barnard College once and for all. That would satisfy a lot of people (mostly Columbia girls).

      I love conspiracy theories. Think of the possibilities!

  15. EAL  

    I meant, of course, Barnard corrupting Columbia students. Not only through their classes, but also through their students' infiltration of our classes as well.

  16. LLC  

    they're in front of the LLC now. posing with that statue under the cupola gazebo thing.

  17. stupid  

    stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid

  18. boy  

    is the cast coming back? hopefully.

    and who gives a fuck is columbia doubles as yale on the show? get over it.

    by the way, across the universe filmed on campus, and mentions columbia by name (context: lucy is participating in a protest at the school, jude goes to find her).

  19. Columbia 01

    This is bad, but there is a worse precedent. Anyone here remember Extreme Measures, or something like that with Hugh Grant and Gene Hackman? Earl Hall was supposed to be NYU Medical School!

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