Independent reports
and Bwog tipsters have told us (xoxo) that the CW show/fashion plate “Gossip Girl” is currently filming near “Earl Hall.” For those of you hoping to catch some spoilers, the popular show is apparently only filming “exterior shots,” which normally do not include cast members. Still, it could include some B-roll footage of cast members and there are at least a few cast members present, so fans might have a shot at meeting them. It’s unclear how much longer they’ll be filming (or if this is the only time the show will be shooting here). We haven’t been able to snap any photos of famous celebrities (or the crew, we guess), but if you have any, send them along to and we’ll update the post to include them.

Photos from Just Jared, and fearless photojournalist Miram Schachter’s shots of the action — plus plot details! — after the jump.

Apparently Columbia is supposed to be Yale — sounds like senior year of high school, eh? Also, filming is going to continue at “a bar on Amsterdam” later today. 

The blog Just Jared is on the scene as well, and has about 15 photos for your stalking, including these first two.