The trek to the Gottesman Library at Teacher’s College was arduous, and TC itself a seemingly impenetrable maze.  Initially arriving at the wrong entrance, Bwog stood for several moments at an automatic door that refused to open. The bells at Riverside Church chimed ominously. Bwog eventually sheepishly located the entrance to the building, perhaps 15 feet to our left.  

Once inside the building, Bwog was pleased to find the swipe-in process simple, and the library in a realm beyond quiet. There are no screaming whispers. There is no need for Red, Yellow and Green zones of eating and drinking here: grown-ups study here. Gottesman is quiet. It is not, however, a hostile quiet. Unlike some choice rooms in Butler, no one glared at Bwog when we unzipped our backpack. Bwog overheard a very few brief quiet conversations. Forgetting for a moment where we were, Bwog looked around for people to roll our eyes with at these breakers of sacred library code, but eventually realized that everyone around us was actually focused, and then we felt kind of guilty.

The library itself is relatively small, but calm. It is not grand, there is no marble, there are no stained glass windows, but there is a lot of light, lovely nursery-school-yellow walls, and burgundy wall-to-wall carpeting. There are several group study rooms with truly nap-worthy reclining swivel chairs. There are a few small cubicles, so you don’t have to worry about – dare we say it—other people actually sitting next to you. However, the wireless – our old familiar Columbia University network – fluctuated somewhat, at one point providing us with an unacceptable two bars of internet exploring capability. The views are decent, but not distractingly (i.e Low Library, South Lawn) glorious, and conducive to actually getting work done. Sure, Procrastination is procrastination anywhere: the elderly man seated behind us browsed Craiglist for violin lessons, Russian lessons, and some less savory endeavors. We wont deny that we still scrolled through our own Facebook pictures a few times, (BINGO!) but, really, we got work done here. Hike up to 120th, wander the beautiful TC courtyards, and you, faithful Bwog reader, can too!


The Gottesman Libraries, Teachers College at Columbia University

525 West 120th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam

Monday through Friday – 8 AM to 11 PM

Saturday – 8 AM to 8 PM

Sunday – 10 AM to 10 PM

Midterm/Final Exam Periods – Library open until 1 AM

Thursday, October 16th through Wednesday, October 22nd 

The Everett Library Café is located next door to the library entrance.