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Library Hopping: So You Don’t Become Part of Butler’s Permanent Collection

Your Butler: the fluted columns, the intellectual legacy, the perfect study spot. Unfortunately that serial sniffler surrounded by a fortress of textbooks thinks so too. The Panopticonesque 209 is for people who want to be seen studying, not actually get any work done. But Butler’s just so purdy, you say. Excuses, excuses. Aesthetics certainly don’t make […]

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LibraryHop: NoCo Science & Engineering Library

Bwog likes to hop all sorts of things, from Equestrian club saddles to lingering denizens of Butler café, but especially libraries. Today, Anish Bramhandkar takes you the NoCo Science and Engineering Library. Yes, NoCo’s been open for a while, but we’re still captivated. It’s just so fancy. You’d think the starkness of the Mudd engineering […]

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LibraryHop: The Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library

At this time of year, Bwog, like just about everyone, is sick of Butler.  But there are like twenty other libraries on campus, right? Yes, there are.  And yes, Columbia students are probably too fortunate for our own good too. But sometimes, what we have just doesn’t suffice… So on this brisk Saturday, Bwog has […]

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LibraryHop: Math and Science Library

Bwog continues its tour of Butler alternatives today with an excursion to the Math and Science Library. Everyone knows that Avery is the Paul McCartney to Butler’s John Lennon: the second-most-famous one, the arguably better looking (or more aesthetically pleasing) one. Avery is gorgeous, it’s close, it’s quiet, there’s Brownies in the basement, there are […]

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LibraryHop: Social Work

Welcome to the latest installment of our occasional series on libraries you should really get to know.  What with the widespread Columbian ignorance of most things further north than Appletree, you’ve probably never been to the library of the school of Social Work, located on the East side of Amsterdam at 121st. And with its […]

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LibraryHop: Gottesman Libraries at TC

The trek to the Gottesman Library at Teacher’s College was arduous, and TC itself a seemingly impenetrable maze.  Initially arriving at the wrong entrance, Bwog stood for several moments at an automatic door that refused to open. The bells at Riverside Church chimed ominously. Bwog eventually sheepishly located the entrance to the building, perhaps 15 […]

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LibraryHop: Lincoln Center’s Performing Arts Library

You’ve heard of LectureHops, you’ve heard of RoomHops, and BarHops. Meet the latest species of the Hopping persuasion: the LibraryHop.   Here, Bwog offers a guide to the NYPL’s Performing Arts Library.  Happy studying!  O, autumn! That time of year when yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang! This may or may not be such […]

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