Today is a hard day. Time for those rosy-colored (or Colt 45-colored glasses, perhaps) to come off. Classes begin tomorrow, and now you can only get drunk two or three nights a week. Let’s remember NSOP 2010: A Whatever Odyssey together. We’ll see you in discussion section, fresh-people.

We helped you configure your John Jay bed, and told you what to bring and what to leave (there’s still time to send your iron back home! That’s on Bwog’s to-do list right after writing this post.)

College, Day One, was bonkers. Burning memory foam, lost toenails, and PrezBo’s smile-grimace dominated. The day in a lot of words, pictures, and video.

You probably spent your first night getting not-enough-drunk at Carman. So did we! Your fake ID probably sucks. So did ours, till we took our ex’s older sister’s! You got locked out of your room in your towel! We’ve been there.

Even if NSOP seemed like a slew of tepidly-fun mandatory events, it could have been much worse.

We gave you guides to Columbia’s rather tangled web of student government, and to many of Columbia’s infinity and one acronyms.

In case you’re not sick of Morningside’s bars already, re-enjoy these bar trading cards.

The Class of 2010 passed down some Senior Wisdom.

A guide to M-Ville, a guide to all the free condoms on campus.

You all yelled “PENIS!”

We helped you remember things you’ve never experienced, we all sang Ma$e.