Boringside Heights: Mixed Bag (Including Aliens!) Edition

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Bwog’s weekly round-up of neighborhood news sees many odd occurrences. Please continue to help keep us as well-informed as possible by tipping your boringest to tips@bwog.com.

  • Hewitt has new, larger, and more sophisticated-ly round mugs, (more mug drama here).
  • At Panino Sportivo, the 38th person to order a sandwich¬† gets it for free. These correspond to order number cards they give you. What does 38 have to do with anything?
  • Speaking of the unexpected, there were two alien sightings this week, one in Butler, and one in the sky. This may or may not be considered boring.
  • Things that are most definitely not boring: The Butler Entrance Saga continues. Is it a patio? Does the wood come from a sustainable forest? Why is it gray?

  • Campo celebrates its second anniversary
  • La Floridita has revealed its new location to 700 West 125th street (at 12th ave, next to Dinosaur BBQ)
  • Schapiro skylounge now has Wifi. This is indeed a revelation.

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  1. I keep  

    wanting that alien to be Green Man, but he has fingers and isn't green.

  2. LOLCAT  

    Teh linkz are brokin for all of teh pikchurs!

  3. Anonymous  

    i love the "pre-fix".
    campo is the epitome of class.

  4. Anonymous  

    Schapiro has always had wireless, or at least it def had it all of last year!!!.

  5. Number 38?  

    I'm still trying to figure out the secret behind The Number 23!


  6. Anonymous  


  7. The patio

    is probably to help make it accessible for wheelchairs, but to avoid forcing everybody to walk up and down a ramp. You could call it a patio, but it's really more of just a platform.

  8. BORED  

    because the new BwogWeather needs to come out, like, now!!! CAN'T WAIT.

  9. Alien in Butler?`  

    That actually looks more like the Human Being mascot from Greendale Community College.

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