Boringside Heights: While You Were Gone… Winter Happened Edition

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As soon as Thankgiving is over, it’s Christmas/Hannukah whatever wintry holiday you choose to celebrate time! With the influx of decorations and festive cheer, there’s the bitter cold, and of course, renovated ice-cream stores. Bwog brings you neighborhood minutiae courtesy of Boringside Heights

Fro-Yo next to M2M is being revamped, apparently into Hershey’s

Decorations at MoWi

Trees for sale on the east side of 112th & Broadway, also available on the southwest corner of 110th and Broadway

Depressing Festive windows at Banco Popular

Nussbaum outside seating revealed! (Just in time)

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  1. just like  

    boringside heights, this post is particularly boring

  2. question  

    why call it boringside heights? it's not that bad. we could be in montana.

  3. Anonymous  

    damn, now I want a bagel. but nussbaum is closed. thanks bwog.

  4. Anonymous

    "Fro-Yo next to M2M"

  5. The ESC Rev  


    Pretty sure the shorthand name for Morton Williams is "M DUB" not "MoWi."

    How does one even pronounce "MoWi?" Is the accent on the the first or second syllable?

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