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With or without sprinkles?

On Monday, Le Monde, that little corner of Paris in Morningside, will augment their menu for a week-long Pig Frites Festival. Besides their usual fare, they’ll feature a variety of exotic pork related dishes, including “Bacon Ice Cream with caramelized apples and chocolate dipped bacon ($6).” (!!) This is old news apparently, but it’s a pretty big step forward for our humble ‘hood. Last time we checked the most exotic thing around was really expensive juice. Carnivores can also indulge in “a whole roasted and stuffed suckling pig served with a pork jus ($21); Cassoulet De Porc with white beans, pork sausage and bacon ($18.50); and Porc À La Bourguignon ($16.75), pork braised in red wine with mushrooms, pearl onions, bacon and mashed potato.” Read the full menu in all its porcine glory here.

Pig meat via Wikimedia

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    & Bacon Strips
    & Bacon Strips
    & Bacon Strips
    & Bacon Strips
    & Bacon Strips

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