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Ah! Ah! 2991. That's a bad number!

And let us do it for you! The distribution of lottery numbers came out today, and some of us have zebra lines burned into our eyes from counting groups on those PDFs.

But no more worries! Below is a housing “calculator” that lets you know how many groups of your size will go before you. To use it, enter your group size, point value, and lotto number, then click “GO!”

Blake Arnold, SEAS ’11, created it last year, and with his permission, we’ve adapted it for the 2011-2012 lottery and embedded it below.

Update: Justin Kahn has tipped us with a Google Doc he made that shows similar information, neatly laid out in a spreadsheet.

Group Size:

Point Value:

General Selection

Suite Selection

Lottery Number:

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  1. Confused  

    does this tell you how many groups with the same number of people in your group go before you? cause this says there are only 44 people ahead of us which cant be right cause our lotto number is abismal!

    • David  (Bwog Staff)  


      Using the default parameters, suppose you are in a 7-person group with point value 10 and lottery number 3000. There are 26 groups of size 7 that will go before you in Suite Selection, giving you a sense of how unlikely it is that you'll get Claremont.

  2. Anonymous  

    This thing don't work.

  3. Anonymous  

    this ish is broke yo

  4. unhelpful  

    that is what this is

  5. broken...  

    says 37, counting by hand says 40...

  6. Hmm.  

    Due to my appreciation for numbers, I'm happy that this exists, but with senior regroup and people dropping to general selection, how useful is this?

    I'm not trying to be facetious like "unhelpful" up there, but I'm genuinely curious what value this has.

  7. Oh SEAS kids!

    However much we get sick of your incessant whining about P-sets and how you really work way harder than we do because writing is oh so easy, when we need an algorithm, you're there. Cuz let's be honest, most of us CCers would be going page by page with a highlighter.

  8. question:  

    is there a count somewhere of exactly how much of everything there is? How many 6, 5, 4, etc. person suites? How many singles, total?

    This sort of thing would be useful general information, I think.

  9. If Facebook were Invented at Columbia  

    Open on Mark Zuckerberg planning where to live next year. He meets the Winklevoss-stein twins to discuss ConnectU inside their exclusive club.

    It is promptly raided by the police.

    After not returning emails and saying they’re too swamped with problem sets like ROTC to work on the site, as well as talking about how “open” and “transparent” the code will be, Columbia develops its own rival application called is a worthless piece of shit that doesn’t even work. After consulting with a consortium of businesspeople in the (alleged) student center, Prezbo decides to rename it, stating simply, “It’s cleaner.”

    Zuckerberg, his housing assets having been frozen by his partner University, enters the housing lottery. Close on Zuckerberg hitting refresh over and over on his miserable lottery number.

    • Anonymous  

      Seems to not work for me. And the lack of details is uncomfortable

      • Anonymous  

        What doesn't work about it? If you found a bug, I'd be glad to fix it.


        It wasn't letting me reply to your response, so I'm responding here. Can you email me your UNI at [email protected]? I'll look into it and see what's going on. Thanks!

  10. Harmony Hunter Hunter

    Anyone know where I can find the Harmony Hunter? Got a Triple-Mil on hit on his head...

  11. Anonymous  

    That calculator is inaccurate!

  12. Anonymous  

    Does anyone know when they will actually run out of housing for groups of 2?

  13. ~  

    What does it mean when it says "General Selection!" on the side of one of the groups listed?

  14. um  

    you ripped this off from the Spectator.

  15. Anonymous  

    Potentially dumb question, but can someone please clarify what it means when it says "General Selection!" next to a group that is slated to pick before yours?? Does that mean that they are definitely dropping to general and that you can basically discount them?

  16. Anonymous

    SO TRUE ABOUT ZEBRA EYES bwog i love you lots

  17. Harmony Hunter  

    Bring it on mother fucker! :P

  18. Anonymous  

    Where do we find our times for selection?

  19. Anonymous


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