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We promise your housing won't look like this.

Prepare to skip the lecture you never go to anyway—suite selection times are up, and yours probably conflicts with your schedule. In case the horror of viewing your lottery number over Spring Break caused you to suppress all memory of the Housing interwebz, here’s how to find your oddly-scheduled (12:06 pm? Really?) selection time:

  1. Log onto StarRez
  2. Go to “Applications”
  3. Select the application for Academic Year 11-12
  4. Find your appointment time under “Registration Summary”
  5. Resign yourself to your housing fate. Remember, as fortunate or unfortunate you may be in this year’s lottery, at least suite selection will feature lots of candy and Destiny’s Child! Sugary sweets and pop music know no lottery number!

Housing wayyyyy worse than Wien via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anyone interested

    in splitting a cardboard box on 118th and Amsterdam? It includes space for bathroom and fits 3/4 of a person. Great sunlight in the morning too! $200 a month, plus a $100 security deposit, returned at the end of lease.

  2. Question:

    I want to know how mine compares. Like, what time does suite selection start on Tuesday?

  3. that photo...

    look like claremont actually

  4. lost  

    what day does suite selection begin?

  5. That photo  

    isn't accurate if you're Harrison David.

  6. Anonymous

    What time does philosophy hall close tonight??

  7. Anonymous  

    what happens if you can't make your selection time?

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