Boringside Heights: Bright, Shiny, and New

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The summer has been anything but dull in Morningside Heights. Perhaps the biggest news of all was the closing of H&H bagels, just downriver at 80th St. H&H was frequently cited as the top rival to our clearly superior Absolute for the best bagels on the Upper West Side, if not the entire city. Perhaps as a sign of victory, Absolute has invested in a much-needed revamp. But they’re hardly the only ones stepping up their game. Please enjoy a “meanwhile, back at the ranch” moment from the badlands of Broadway.

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  1. Anonymous

    Does anyone else find it humorous that Ferris BOOTH now has BOOTHS?

  2. Umm  

    Ferris has always had a couple of booths...

  3. hey man

    don't knock moombahton

  4. Mama Mexico vs. Papasito

    family feud?

  5. Thank You Bwog

    for poking fun at bamboo bikes, possibly the worst trend of 2011

  6. absolutes  

    the best fuk others

  7. Anonymous  

    no one is going to mention the fact that Absolute got a B in their inspection? i mean, personally, it doesn't get me all riled up. authenticity comes at a price.

  8. mexican food  

    also, a fantastic new taqueria opened where lime leaf used to be

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