Tsk, tsk Korilla.

Korilla, the Korean BBQ food truck run by Columbia alums, has been a competitive contestant on the second season of the hit Food Network reality TV show “The Great Food Truck Race.” In this week’s episode, filmed in Memphis, the Korilla truck ran into some problems. Here are the relevant parts of the episode, according to Reality TV Magazine.

“Korilla discovers their location isn’t going so well, as evidenced by their small line. They struggle for the first time in the competition…Tyler [the host] calls the teams to tell them they must switch to solely vegetarian menus… Korilla makes a call for a tofu delivery. However, Korilla BBQ’s tofu tacos don’t exactly impress their meat loving Memphis customers.”

Korilla allegedly did something very naughty. Tipsters have reported that they deposited their own money into the cash box, making it look like they sold more tacos (giving them higher profits) than they actually did. In the climactic final minutes of the show, Tyler exposed them as cheaters and disqualified them from the competition. Korilla tried to defend their reputation, tweeting “WE WOULD NEVER CHEAT ON YOU NEW YORK.”

In the real world, there’s no dean’s discipline, only a city’s scorn. Korilla, we may be disappointed, but you still serve delicious tacos—what a moral quandary.

Lots of paper via Wikimedia Commons.