Overseen: It’s A Bit Chili Outside, No?

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As Winter Wonderland part deux is in session, Columbia Dining hastily makes preparations for the frigid winter. Amidst transporting hot leftovers to starving brunch-goers, someone couldn’t keep up and spilled the beans. As the powdery chaos continues, Bwog can’t help but feel like this snow day is missing something.

Chili Con Snow, anyone?

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  1. Anonymous  

    Those trays look like they would make mighty fine sleds...

  2. Perhaps  

    these spilled beans are meant to call to mind the bloody ejaculate of frigid phalluses to come?

  3. Anonymous

    Oh man, I actually really like the John Jay meat chili! With some hot pepper flakes, it's probably the best thing John Jay serves.

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