Are We the Only Ones Still Laughing?

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Maybe. Probably. But self-awareness is a key step to recovery. It’s high time for another snow penis. A tipster from high atop the battlements of Wallach sends this dramatic before/after sequence. The saga unfolded last night:




After. Can you spot the difference?

Says the tipster: I looked out the window to see that someone was writing a love note to “Caitlin.” ¬†Fifteen minutes later, the original artists had long disappeared and a penis had appeared in the message.

What bold participatory art! What a compelling juxtaposition of earthly and ethereal Aphrodite! Caitlin, you’re a lucky woman.

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  1. Huh  

    Doesn't it say "I bone Caitlin" now?

    • Anonymous  

      Perhaps it's now "I love penis, Caitlin"? Can't spot the comma though.

    • I believe  

      it is to be read "I love to bone Caitlin". The intentional ambiguity of the penis-form functions as a sort of visual pun. This way, the shape can be interpreted as an infinitive verb by describing a noun with a different meaning. I, for one, laud and envy the artist/author for his (let's be real it's a dude) ingenuity and skillful manipulation of conventional iconography with contemporary slang.

  2. yea

    that's definitely a bone not a penis.

  3. You, sir,  

    are a scientist.

  4. hm

    bwog doesn't just report on snow penises, i'm pretty sure it has a direct role in inspiring their creation.

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