Somebody call Nancy Reagan. NBC’s Brian Williams is talking about Adderall. Interviewed (and ready to scare you straight!) is our very Stephan Vincenzo/Perez (N.B. Stephan told the B&W years ago that “Vincenzo” is “as an homage to Al Capone’s brother.” But that probably doesn’t go well with his redemption narrative, so he’s back to “Perez.”)

For the uninitiated, he was the the Pike brother arrested in Operation Ivy League. For context: read his Campus Character. Remember his sick Carman party. From the horse’s mouth: “we r throwin da sickest party to get the year started rite…. Carman the sexyest dorm house ever…. we’re goin show these other dorms who runs shit…”

From the pretty awful network news story:

His decision to take Adderall ended up changing his life. That night Perez says he powered through his work and was capable of reading for eight hours nonstop—absorbing all of the information. Before long, he said he asked his friend how he could get his own Adderall prescription.

Contemporary context: the drug bust that involved Vincenzo is what got the three brownstones on 114th vacated, and why they’re up for grabs now.

Extra treat, courtesy Gawker:

It’s been too long.