Former St. Hilda's House library

Former St. Hilda’s House library

This morning the 11-person SIC committee announced the names of the student organizations whom they chose to live in two EC townhouses, a spiffy Wallach suite, and the Convent (“Special Interest Community House”). The lucky winners have until tomorrow at 5 pm to accept the offers. Congrats to the following groups!

Wallach 2C:

  • Writer’s House

SIC House:

  • Floor 2: Pre-Health
  • Floor 3a: Student Wellness Project
  • Floor 3b: Creative Commons
  • Floor 4: Manhattan House
  • Floor 5: ADI

EC Townhouses:

  • 1003: Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi)
  • 1004: Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike)

Library via The Community of the Holy Spirit