Must get rid of that 8:40 lecture…

Today is Tuesday, October 7, and if you’re in CC or Barnard, that date holds special significance for you. Alas, today is the deadline for dropping a non-Core class (the Core deadline passed a while ago) if you don’t want that nasty W on your record for all of your potential employer’s hiring managers to see. For Columbia College students, there are walk-in advising hours from 3-4:30 pm.

If you just want to get rid of that awful physics lab or get out of your Principles class a week before your midterm, all you have to do is log onto SSOL and complete the new add/drop process. Your friendly neighborhood Student Affairs website tells you how that works here.

Barnard: As mentioned above, today is also the last day for you to drop a class without receiving a W. You have to submit an Application to Drop form, signed by your adviser, to the registrar before 4:30 sharp in order to meet the deadline, and if you’re dropping below 12 credits, you need the signature of your class dean as well. For further information, check here.

*A friendly reminder that, if you don’t mind a W on your transcript, the deadline to withdraw from a course, for both CC and Barnard, is November 13. Barnard, that deadline is also by 4:30.